AA.VV. Picturae: Tribute to Raphael "The school of Athens"

NOT open to the public due to Covid-19. Video of the opening on the board.

La Scuola di Atene - omaggio a Raffaello - acrilico su tela 60x40 cm. - Laura Grosso

La Scuola di Atene - omaggio a Raffaello - acrilico su tela 60x40 cm. - Laura Grosso

In relation to the government restrictions due to Covid-19, the exhibition is only available on this video made at the vernissage on 17 October last.


Homage to Raphael "The school of Athens"
on the occasion of the commemoration - 500 year anniversary of his death


Raphael's famous fresco shows a conviviality of people who ponder the fundamental questions of human knowledge and make this discussion a practice for learning and at the same time transmitting knowledge. Artists and philosophers form an organic whole, inserted in an environment built by the mind and hands of men, which overlooks Nature. The ancient philosophers have the faces of Raphael's contemporaries, in an intuitive and personal game of historical references, which seems to indicate in Art the main road for the evolution of the Knowledge of Man.

Our homage to Raphael through the study of this work of his, made according to the principles of the AA.VV. intends to highlight these same contents, which were dear to the master.

We focused on the space occupied by the figures. We set up the work as we usually do, dividing the subject into sections and each choosing each own's part. The guidelines for the painting were the cold-warm orchestration of colors and the double light that illuminates the characters, often almost a backlight that increases the saturation of the colors.

AA.VV.Picturae - Various Authors Painting
Painters who carry out research on Painting and design / paint Collective Works

AA.VV. is a collective painting project conceived by Laura Grosso.

In 2016, together with Giovanni Bonfiglio, Marina Corallo, Patrizia Ercoli, Daniela Giovannini, Lucia Costantini, Silvana Troisi, a working group which subsequently increased in new participants for the realization of the works was established.

The research intends to explore the observation of visible reality together with the elements of drawing, shape, tone, color, pictorial matter, history and technique.

It starts from the enhancement of difference, as a principle of harmony that is found in Painting itself.

By working together, the comparison between each participant's temperament and painting skill acts as a stimulus for the growth of everyone's potential and skills.

Each work consists of several units of the whole painted by the different participants.

Each of the paintings maintains the unaltered identity of the author but acquires its complete meaning within the complete work.

The signature of the Author AA.VV. Picturae on the works is summarized with the original logo of “AA.VV.”, created by the architects Massimo Ceccaccio and Angelica Fortuzzi.


Marta Ascione, Giovanni Bonfiglio, Fabiana Bosio, Francesca Castellani, Marina Corallo, Lucia Costantini, Ornella delle Donne, Patrizia Ercoli, Susanna Ferrante, Angelica Fortuzzi, Daniela Giovannini, Silvana Troisi, Barbara Zapparoli.