Paradise Room

a microcosm of artistic presences united in a single sensorial machine

Gustave Doré: Paradiso Canto XXXI.19. “The Saintly Throng in the Shape of a Rose.”

Gustave Doré: Paradiso Canto XXXI.19. “The Saintly Throng in the Shape of a Rose.”

The exhibition has been postponed to a date to be set. Paradise can wait or perhaps is lost, as Milton suggested.

PARADISE ROOM is the title of the exhibition combined with the event "Paradise and its representations, scheduled at Studio Campo Boario as part of the "Rome Art Week".

David Sabatello

Alberto D’Amico; Andrea Sabatello; Anna Onesti; Carmelo Baglivo; Fabio Lapiana; Ilaria Restivo; Jacopo Benci; Julie Poulain; Lucia Nazzaro; Marco Ariano; Marco Giovenale; Massimo Arduini; Pierluigi Isola; Silvia Stucky; Stefania Fabrizi.


The implementation of the project includes an exhibition of paintings, installations, literary, musical works. The different artistic expressions will constitute an implicit commentary to the artistic-literary production of the tradition centered on Paradise. The objective will be to illuminate in the round the object under investigation, revealing its multidimensional structure. To this end, the basic method used in the implementation of the project will be that of transversality, that is, the contemporary and synergistic presence of several perspectives of observation of the phenomenon within the exhibition space. This method will also allow us to question the nature of the complex representations that populate our imagination, influencing it and being influenced by them.

The exhibition idea comes from the desire to address the theme, multiform and changeable, without any rationalizing will but, rather, making its mutability an "asset". Hence the "room", the Paradise Room, in which to exhibit all the works produced for the event, as a prelude to the medium chosen by each artist, as stages of a continuous experiential path. Through the use of basic spatial tools, the visitor is immersed in a microcosm full of artistic presences, but also objects, in which content and container merge into a single sensory machine. A sort of walkable "“boîte à surprise", a Merzbau of the soul.



Artists not present in this edition