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Italian Fashion Artist's Open Studio

SS2020/Floral/Tulip, Emanuela Di Filippo, Drawing, 33x27 cm, 2020

RAW by appointment Open Studio

Online Event RAW LIVE (Covid - 19 Restriction) 

Friday 30/10/2020

13. 00 - 16.30 pm


“Untitled” is my last series of  two hundred oil pastels on paper. A brief colourful summary of my artistic research but above all a tribute to Biba.

“Di Filippo's influences include the slender portraits Modigliani and especially, the vibrant colours of Sonia Delaunay. In The Observer she explains, "I was inspired by abstract, minimal, contemporary artists. But then I came back to my first loves: art and fashion." Biba’s designs are reminiscent of the classic Italian fashion Di Filippo grew up with: "They have a simplicity of shape, and I loved the colours such as olive, rust, and bruised purple." For Di Filippo, Biba's 60s style remains timeless. "It’s like Coco Chanel’s little black dress. It will never get old."  

In addition to Vintage Fashion, I am also inspired by the new Fashion Accessory that due to the Worldwide Health Emergency we must wear: Face mask. SS2020/Floral is my new drawing collection inspired also by the floral and vegetable world.

I am pleased to show you my minimal studio also in virtual form given the Covid - 19 restrictions


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