Double Couple - Opening

On display works by six artistic couples

"Doppia Coppia" is a project by Studio Campo Boario for the Rome Art Week 2019 edition. The idea starts from a research work on the artistic paths faced by couples: lovers, spouses, friends, brothers or simple companions.
The title of the event, Doppia Coppia, is an ironic reference to an Italian television broadcast of the late sixties, where two artistic couples confronted each other.

The meeting is structured as a dialogue between two couples, led by a moderator, where they will freely talk about how the two artistic careers have become intertwined, the problems and obstacles encountered, the mutual support that led to the sharing of the creative work.

Alongside the dialogues that will take place during the festival, a temporary exhibition made of the artworks by the guest artists will be installed.
Doppia Coppia presents the works of six pairs of artists: Gandolfi - Di Stasio; Valli - Laudisa; Del Grosso - Restivo; Eaton - Dumont; Poulain - Lapiana; Stucky - Benci.


Artists not present in this edition