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DAP - Ciaccerata immaginatopeica. Un progetto artistico partecipato

Sharing art at the Hospital INMI L. Spallanzani. Curated by Penelope Filacchione

dap at work, Ciaccierata

Chatting on the street, confidences on the doorstep, market sounds, whispers and muttering... the fragments of the fabrics left by the Sabìr, gathered along the way,  in a colorful multicultural acoustic mosaic: the Ciaccerata.the fragments of the fabrics left over from the creation of the Sabìr, gathered along the way, create a colorful multicultural acoustic mosaic: the Ciaccerata.The Sabìr are born from the artistic duo dap - Luigia d'Alfonso and Ada Perla: working together they start from raw fabrics, dye them, tear them up, sew them up, assemble them.The Sabìr is a spontaneous language formed from the Middle Ages among the Mediterranean merchants, the Sabìr of dap are dialogues of infinite lines that intersect each other and build a visually abstract plot.Sabìr is therefore born dialectically by definition: what happens when we insert this dialogue in a "non-artistic" context?The waiting room of a hospital is a place of exchange: when one is suffering, social differences become thinner, people are more sympathetic. There is greater willingness to dialogue because the need for the other feels stronger.This is the reason why we carry the Ciaccerata Immaginatopeica - the dialogue of the imaginative language - in this context. It’s a multicultural happening, which will be enriched with new voices and new onomatopoeic sounds because the participants - users of the waiting room - will be able to use the fragments of the tissues left by Sabìr as they see fit. The happening will take place between 10.00 and 13.00 in the lobby of the INMI Lazzaro Spallanzani, involving the public in the waiting rooms, hospital staff, doctors and patients.The INMI Spallanzani hospital, specialized in the treatment of infectious diseases, aims to promote care and integration. It takes a lot of energy to achieve its goals also through art. He recently commissioned a beautiful mural outside the building, created by a group of street artists with the support of some private benefactors.The project was adopted by the High School ‘IV Liceo Artistico Alessandro Caravillani’, who will participate with the students in the realization of the work. The finished work, which will measure around 100 x 100 cm, will finally be donated to the hospital.


Artists not present in this edition