Laura Grosso - Anthony Lombardi 's Open Studio

Open Studio / Laura Grosso and Anthony Lombardi

Open Studio / Laura Grosso and Anthony Lombardi

RAW OPEN STUDIO Laura Grosso / Anthony Lombardi

"Studies and Entertainment"

Visits are allowed on the evenings of Tuesday 22 October 2019, 6.00 pm - 9.00 pm. On the other days of the Rome Art Week it is possible to view the works by appointment, by booking at 342 961 7510


The paintings that you see in an exhibition are never all those that a Painter produces, they do not exhaust the body of his work.

Previous and basic there is a continuous painting of study that takes place quietly, so to speak, behind the curtain.

Despite this, and paradoxically, it is precisely through this more modest work that true research takes place.

In fact, both on the side of the observation of the true and of the technique, studies are the best way to give movement to creativity, because it does not stop in the habit or in the manner.

 In this Open Studio we present more or less fast exercises, created for the sole pleasure of painting.

The techniques range from the simple contour drawing to pastel, watercolor, gouache, acrylic and even oil.

Usually these works remain in the studio, ideally constituting our memory as a painter. We intend to show them with a twofold purpose: to meet a public that cannot afford the expense of a painting and above all as a testimony of the workload, sometimes unthinkable, found behind the art of painting.



Laura Grosso and Anthony Lombardi are two painters who work in Rome sharing the Study - and life - for over thirty years.

The first, a student of Alberto Ziveri at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, the second, a student of Lennart Anderson at Brooklyn College in New York.

They have numerous exhibitions in Rome and in other cities around the world, as well as the sharing of various painting trips.