Laura Federici's Open Studio

Marghera 03 oil and gouaces on canvas 120x80

The emotions from the moments I live get stuck in the city I walk through every day: time flows, places transform, space swells, as it fills up with experience, always different, always unpredictable. I like to narrate the places of daily life; the nondescript, shapeless parts of town we cross without paying attention: the discards, the tiny, unfinished portions of space. Our attention is low, our thoughts are somewhere else; yet those places print unvoluntary images into our memory, patches of shadow and light.  

I look for those patches as I run through the frames of a video I have shot passing through those places. I extract them, deform them, subdue them to my memory. I search through the movement, through the frames, for that wind, that emotion that surprised me the first time, carrying me elsewhere, flying me away. The landscape I “depict” does not exist: it's intimately mine.


Organized by
Laura Federici