Fulvio Bucelli's Open Studio




Glances, gestures and movements of everyday life





A gesture, a glance an action stimulates and opens a world, where everything is to be discovered, to be revealed.


Then the unwitting actions of the routine of life appear to look like thousands of small events that as fragments of simplicity/complexity can take a deeper meaning.


I have the feeling of seeing it as it was the first time, and almost like a child ready to receive the stimuli coming from the world, I work in a state of grace in which it seems possible to touch the meaning of existence. Is it the conscience of pain, a kind of conscience of the "original sin" that leaves the possibility of recognizing good and evil...?


In the dense structural and structuring structure of the black sign (black and white drawings), The traces of colour are now reemerging, which accompany me towards change, towards a desired and more passionate transformation.


The dialogue between the sign and colour, between the inner world and the outside world, is interred, while each one is transformed and almost transfigured. 


 I assist with concentration and amazement the alchemic work that manifests itself in the matter where I am only the means to let the artificer Work.



I think this is the creative value that we can/must grant to ourselves and to the WORLD.


I exhibit my work in the studio where I find inspiration, surrounded by those little beloved details that guide and accompany me in the Work.