Comparing the works of Margherita Giordano and Mattia Morelli

It is possible to discuss about both art and nature. Morelli and Giordano refer to a dimension of nature seen as a whole: each one of us belong to it and it is what we are made of. They want to talk about a type of nature which constitutes us and connects us with the rest of creation, including in terms of aesthetic correspondences. Just think of our venous and nervous systems: they both recall the roots of a tree, and the study and knowledge of those systems concern medicine, science and art – an art willing to transmit the breath of the Universe. That is why the two artists takes its best form in a mysterious, evocative and fantasystimulating symbol – into the shape of suggestions – that leads to contemplation and opens up to the unpredictability of the nature’s chaos. So, the biggest challenge here is to investigate the nature’s cast in stone, its transformation, its mutation and the unknown which disturbs our emotions. That is the artists’ aim, by employing painting and photography, two different – but compatible – codes that combine artifice and randomness, in order to reach a summary that finds answers to archetypal questions. Morelli and Giordano’s vision is based on the observation of everyday life and its little details, seemingly insignificant to the majority of people, but through colour effects, spots and random elements, this vision reaches a familiar composition and, at the end, it can be attributable to preconceived and acknowledged forms.


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