Parallel lives

Traces of the lives of men and women who have left their mark on history.

The vernissage of the exhibition by Micaela Legnaioli entitled "Parallel lifes" at the Open ART-Sala da Feltre is scheduled for Thursday, October 11. The artist, born in 1970, was born in New Delhi, India and has lived in various European and South American countries before settling in Rome. Always attracted by the decorative arts, she attended first the European School of Mol and then the School of Decoration Van der Kelen Logelain in Brussels. Over the years, the artist has applied herself to different painting, sculpture and ceramic techniques. In the new series of ten works on metal on display, Micaela Legnaioli shows traces of the experiences of men and women who have left a mark in the occidental history. What unites them is the initial of the names the letter "M" an idea a bit 'Dadaist' as it was well defined by Claudio Strinati who curated his latest exhibition. The works, very refined and precious, are all made on large slabs of zinc women and those of copper men carved and oxidized with acids. Material works that, in the concretions and in the different colors, want to represent the character and life experiences of the characters represented. The size of the works seems to correspond to the years of life of these women and men of the past and, the depth of the traces, follows the impact of various experiences in their lives. The result is extraordinary maps of personal and ever-changing life paths. The works, almost two-dimensional, seem to want to reconnect, in those irregular drawings and in their different stratifications, a bit typical of the rocks, to the meaning of the overlapping of experiences and to the unmistakable signs that, in the life of each one, in the grooves and in the tones, mark us forever, making us unique. A "spiritual, cultural and moral stratification" as Strinati defined it, which through Micaela's extraordinary sensitivity is captured in its essence. Micaela, with her sensitivity, seems to penetrate, define and engrave in the sheets of metal the essence of her characters with that quid that enchants you. The meaning of each work can be deciphered but it is revealed after a more in-depth investigation. His is a seduction of the soul and it goes beyond the first glance.