Martina D'Anastasio's solo exhibition at the Acronimo space in Rome


Martina D'Anastasio is a young Italian artist passionate about Pop Surrealism and Hyperrealism, which combines best in her unique and surprising style. The series of works "Fragile / Unbreakable" consists of female portraits divided into a dichotomy that contrasts serenity and integrity with fragmentation and restlessness. The artist moves between realistic and surrealistic conceptualism to represent the imbalances and contradictions of the female condition in post-modern society. 

There are many themes that the artist faces and that echo in every work: the facets of the female character, the fragility often induced, the lack of understanding and compassion for the difficulties that women live, the infinite strength despite having always been considered "The weaker sex", the ability to overcome everything, to generate life and to get into complex worlds.

Being different from each other according to their experience and yet being united under the label of "fragile" is expressed in an exemplary way by some of the paintings that depict the broken figure, as if it were reflected by a broken mirror.

Each woman portrayed reflects a world of struggles, fragility, weaknesses and infinite strength and this pit the canvas going beyond beauty, harmony, going beyond the rules, like many women have to do to carve out their position in the world.


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