Contemporary Metaphysics

Sculptural group

Metafosoca Contemporanea

Metafosoca Contemporanea

A massive sculptural group located in the heart of the city nightlife representing the Entombment of Christ, one of the most popular masterpieces of the artist Michelangelo Merisi.  Caravaggio, as we know, made an analysis of the human state on the physical and emotional level: he was the artist of reality.

Telling reality ...
The idea of telling everyday life, which distinguishes Caravaggio from the artists of his time and precedents, is taken up by Hervé, who decides to dress the characters not with traditional clothes of the era, but contemporaries, just as Caravaggio used to do.

...of all
A recurring theme in the work of the artist Hervé is the desire to bring the work of art out from the walls of the museums, and expose it to people of every culture and social background. To further strengthen his immersion in everyday life, he asks for the collaboration of a street artist: Carlo Inglese.
Starting from the restless character of Caravaggio, Hervé reworks the plays of light / shadow that give three dimensions to the painting and creates a sculpture. He takes care of the shapes and updates the aesthetic details, just as Michelangelo Merisi d back in 1600.

.. in the metaphysical sense
The work is called Contemporary Metaphysics because it does not focus on the physical act of deposition from the cross, but on the suffering of the human kind.
Hervé addresses the theme of the human condition in a metaphysical sense: everyone is exposed to the pain of losing a loved one because death is part of life. He decides to tell the drama of this moment not as a private feeling belonging to the Virgin Mary and the characters trapped in the canvas, but as a collective feeling.