Roberta Pugno's Open Studio

"A woman and a man. A challenge. Images born from the body, and a thought that tries to get closer and closer to the origin. The origin that was not words. The capability to imagine. The material origin". Thus the psychiatrist/psychotherapist Eva Gebhardt begins his introduction of IMMAGINEPAROLA, the art catalogue that, together with Giampiero Minasi, will present to the Roman audience in Roberta Pugno's studio at RAW 2018. "They were religious and philosopherswho made words as old and misshapen – writes Minasi. By gathering the unfolding of religious beliefs and patriarchal conceptions that had been sedimenting over the millennia, first silent, then more and more arrogant, they use the words to say that the image was idolatry or foolish maid, and that the woman was evil ... Gods did not speak anymore with the voice of the poets. In the Bible, it is the invisible transcendent God who speaks in the first person; through the verb the creation takes place, with the word he reveals himself to the prophets of the three monotheistic faiths". This is acultural and artistic thrust of great commitment that proceeds page by page proposing fifty works by Roberta Pugno gathered around nine pregnant words of which Antonio Di Micco tells us origin, images, history ... all to end in a full-bodied dictionary, strongly supported it from the revolutionary research of Giovanni Semerano.

An indispensable reference point for this research on the historical split between image and word, between thought for images (and therefore art, child, woman ...) and verbalization is the Theory of Birth by Massimo Fagioli.

Only the relationship with a new thought on the psychic reality and its origin will give the possibility of a life that is not split between consciousness and unconscious, between fantasy and logical-perceptual reality, between woman and man, between oneself and the other.