Bi-personal Exhibition by Antonio Tamburro and Mario Sughi

Strong and silent painting: Antonio Tamburro and Mario Sughi

During the third Edition of Rome Art Week, 6° Senso Art Gallery is pleased to invite you to the opening of bi-personal exhibition by the artists Antonio Tamburro and Mario Sughi, Monday 22th October at 6.00 pm. They are two contemporary figurative artists who interpret reality in a poetic and suggestive way, as well as they are able to catch some pictorial details in a unique and original way, beyond the appearance and objectivity of everyday life.

In the paintings of Antonio Tamburro the main element is color that emerges from the canvas in a disruptive and harmonious way, through the use of large brush strokes and spatula. The realistic scenes of his paintings are constructed by recognizable pictorial signs that represent everyday life: city crossed by crowds of umbrellas, cafes frequented by solitary figures, beaches crowded by female figures. All the paintings are characterized by a surprising energy and dynamism, expressed by the fluid gesture of the brush strokes as well as by the quick signs of oil pastels that overlapping with color leave some unfinished pictorial details, almost abstract. 

The art works of Mario Sughi are realized with the technology of new mix media, gained trough digital and traditional painting, photography and drawing. These art works are all characterized by strong and cheerful colours, on plane surfaces that highlight the elegant images, the composition, the light, the volume and the sense of depth. The art works represent scenes from daily live, where single or not many figures, who are mainly feminine, pose in open space places like parks, beaches, meadows and terraces. The figures that the artist show seem to be looking for moments of separation, of reflections and thoughts or simply for a place where they can relax, and they seem to have the desire to have a moment of tranquillity from daily life and to stop the time, that always flies to fast and seems to disappear and vanish so quickly. The most fascinating and interesting thing for Mario Sughi is the play of lights, colors and volumes, but also the observation of daily life, of the casual stories that tell human lives.