Gino Marotta

Gino Marotta - Mostra personale

Gino Marotta debuts in 1957 with a solo exhibition presented by Emilio Villa at Montenapoleone Gallery in Milan, where he exhibits a series of different subjects, styles and techniques (tapestries, encaustics, velatini  and amalgams of sand). Since the mid-60s Gino Marotta shows an increasingly marked attention to new chemical/industrial materials, specifically for methacrylate, commonly known as perspex. The artist uses poetically this hypertechnological material by acquiring lyrical universes populated by trees, animals, lightning and starry skies, as in the famous installation Bosco naturale-artificiale  (Foligno, 1967). Between 1966 and 1975 the artist's exhibition activity is very intense, with several solo and collective exhibitions in Milan, Rome, Turin, Brussels, Düsseldorf and Paris.