walking: paths in/out

exhibits the activity carried out by MESIA SPACE - the artists will be present

'Walking: paths in/out' exihibits draws, videos and photos of the site-specific artworks showed in Largo Mesia during last year and displays MESIA SPACE activity carried out with the artists to realize it.

'Walking: paths in/out' - placed in a studio adjacent to the shop window of MESIA SPACE - will be open exclusively during Rome Art Week's days from monday to saturday, from 6.00 PM to 8.00 PM. Time by time will be present the artists who made a site-specific artwork for MESIA SPACE: Benedetta Galli, Cinzia Colombo, Danilo Fiorucci, Donatella VIci, Margherita Taticchi, Marilisa Mastropierro