Michele Marinaccio - Plumage

mild photographs, drawings and engravings

Michele Marinaccio, Plumage

On display a series of works freely drawn from the poem by Annelisa Alleva, whose focus is based on the Echo of Words. At the bottom of the gallery, the projection of the video poem "La Casa Rotta" made in 2013 and also inspired by a text by Alleva, evaporation of inner sensations, taking shape as they are identified with reality. Light and Shadow are the only narrative voices that in a dry and direct language reveal unseen and hidden moments. In the work of · Michele Marinaccio, there are two operational phases of research. In the first, since the late 1980s, he has performed a series of performances and video works in which his body assumes a narrative role of his own emotion, expressing it through the senses; the body as a place of gestation where moods and sensations are deposited and that it generates signs. The second operational phase, focuses on research through photography, drawing and engraving. Marinaccio explains: "words breathe far away ... they are thrown. They meet and stagnate ... they take forms of remarks to what has yet to happen."

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