Itinerary show in the spaces: Gard Gallery - AbitArt Hotel

The Wanderings  exhibition is  now  showing simultaneously  at the  Galleria Gard and the AbitArt Hotel. Two adjacent areas of the Ostiense district near the Chest’s Pyramid. The neighborhood is a highly visited  by tourist thanks to the presence of the archaeological site of the Pyramid, the beautiful park of the protestant Cemetery where many personalities of International Culture are buried. And also 

 the Montemartini Centrum  an industrial space used as an Archaeological Museum .


The exhibition seeks to emphasize the  power of the wonders capacity.


A Wanderer is different from a tourist, a traveler and an errant / nomad, the first two go but then come back, while the wandering / nomad is placed in a tribe and ,

moves with a group of people  that shares cultures, uses and traditions.


The  Key Word of the Wanderer is PASS, and tells us about someone who is not returning and, does not remain, and in this sense, he is philosophically a figure close to the symbolism of Life since it does not go, does not come back, it is not, does not remain , but passes.