Enrico Luzzi_WELCOME

installation conceived as a “lazy village” site specific exhibition

From 22 September to 25 October 2023, the TRAleVOLTE Association presents the personal exhibition Enrico Luzzi - WELCOME with a text by Marco Vitale, which is part of the Eighth Edition of RAW - Rome Art Week - 23/28 October 2023, the Week of 'Arte in Rome and at the 19th edition of the Contemporary Day - AMACI - 7 October 2023, involving museums, institutions and spaces in Italy and abroad.For Welcome Luzzi, one of the protagonists of the Nuova Scuola Romana of the 1980s, presents two large drawings and an installation conceived as a "lazy village", borrowing the words with which the poet Vitale describes the work.“A world apart that one thinks one perceives when the eyes have not yet decided to reopen in the light of day and gladly descend back into sleep trying to steal from you, enchanted, as much filigree in filigree is still possible, while time presses” .The exhibition reflects the artist's privileged relationship with music: "The blues, of which Enrico really knows everything, is the poetry that frequents these houses, and the touching homage that he pays to it with his dream of colors cannot leave us indifferent. Twelve houses in numbers of a hope and a nostalgia moved by a pain of an entire people that we can perhaps imagine, but not understand in its unheard-of extent; twelve like the bars of that music that continues to move us deep down".


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