Two emerging artists and a special project for RAW 2023

Two artists, two techniques, one theme, one gallery that becomes itself a work of art.

The project RAW 2023 is born from a generational challenge: the curator Penelope Filacchione asked Francesco Patanè and Michele Santini (aka Er Prosit) to consider the Icarus theme. The myth narrates the relationship between father and son, the advice of the old to be prudent and the desire of the young to be free. Furthermore, the myth makes reference to Art: Dedalus is the father of humanity’s artistic techniques; Icarus means image and is, or should be, the reflection of his father.

Icarus, is even something more: he is the artist that frees himself from the adult boundaries, he represents the creative impulse that trasforms a Man into a Demiurge.

The Ancients used the Dedalus and Icarus myth as a way to place visual art into their society, giving it a precise collocation which was not always positive. This is also very well explained in Platone’s Cave myth: Art as a tool of deception, obscurity, presumption, and death of the soul.

Francesco Patané and Michele Santini have reflected thoroughly on the subject and, as is typical of young people, have chosen to embark on a journey different from the common one. They have identified 4 features which, according to them, characterize the artist lost in the maze of his psyche between narcicism, creativity, pride, and desire of exploration. However the desire of flying towards the sun is not an execrable sin: it is seen as the natural instinct that drives humans above and out of the maze to reach themselves, finding a center in their molteplicity.

In this way, the entire gallery space of Art Sharing, animated by paintings, sculptures and installations becomes a place to re-interpret the myth according to the logic of those who still want to dream and have the strenght to fly .

Tanks to the technical partners for te supply of materials: Icobit, Imballaggi 2000, Lamberti cordami, Prochima


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