Video: Graziella Reggio and Michiel Blumenthal, "Il Bruco di Pietraporciana"

For the first time in Rome the animation video a tale in images of a Crusader

Wednesday, October 27, from 5:30 PM in the context of Eventi Rome Art Week - for the first time in Rome, the animation video “Il Bruco di Pietaporciana” will be presented, a tale in images of a Crusader knight who laid down armour, spear and sword and decided to live in a cave as a hermit, a metaphor himself of being resilient and fragile…

Il bruco di Pietraporciana is inspired on an old legend in the times of the crusades, it tells the story of an adventurous knight who is horrified by the wars. He escapes and takes a long, lonely journey in search of himself. In the end he finds peace at Pietraporciana and lives as a hermit in a cave and takes the name caterpillar (bruco). This work seemed a logical response to the place we were invited to in the summer of 2016 an artist in residency in the Riserva Naturale Pietraporciana in the heart of Tuscany. As the only guests we were inspired by the beauty and nature which surrounded us and the simplicity of this still very actual story. We collaborated as always making a work a quattro mani putting abstraction and fantasy together the medieval melodies collected by Roberto Roasio formed the perfect back drop for this animation This work has been so far quite a hermit so it is an opportunity to present it again during conchiglie e rinoceronti at Storie Contempoaranee... the absence of the artists reflecting as a hermit on world matters, the cave as a shield like the shield of a snails (conchiglie or the protection for the rhinoceros. The need of a shield (guscio) to hide, to reflect on a complex world.


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