Painting Exhibition

Emma Assisi, Pippo Altomare, Claudia Bellocchi, Elisabetta Bertulli, Paolo Bielli, Sabine Binni Schwarz, Luigi M. Bruno, Paolo Cazzella, Eleonora Del Brocco, Venera Finocchiaro, Giorgio Fiume, Valerio Giacone, Gregorio Gumina, Gianleonardo Latini, Alessandra Parisi Elena Pinzuti, Antonio Tiso




Hands talk, they always have done so.. All over the world, people can understand each other by gesture; it is a pre-linguistic communication, based on a common code.. But hands can also express numbers: classical systems are based on 5/10 fingers or 4 fingers for three thumb positions, hence 4/8/12. Words and numbers, that is civilisation. The comparison with playing cards comes naturally to me: each card means a different value according to the type of game. And it is precisely this playful vocation that makes our hands so creative.

Marco Pasquali



[...] He was attracted by the sight of some hands while doing their shopping, probing fruit and vegetables; wrinkled hands, cut from so much cooking, from cleaning with corroding detergents or simply worn out from hard work. Hands that knew no rest, hands of little women withered before their time or of old women with legs bowed from arthrosis, their hair tinted with an unlikely but cheap colour, hair nevertheless tidy and dignified. In times of no emollient creams, those hands, sometimes adorned with painted nails and adorned with antique rings also faded, showed how life had been lived. [...]

da “Non chiedermi chi sono”

di Claudia Bellocchi




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