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The IM-MATERIALIS collective was formed by a group of artists working in the historic Monteverde neighborhood, which has always been a place of art and culture.  
The artists of the collective propose a dialogue between the different facets of perceivable matter and the complexity of the Subtle dimension. Through artistic practice they deepen the perception of these two dimensions and their harmonious and complementary coexistence.
The artists Thierry Bouffeteau, Francesca di Ciaula, Palmerino Masciotta, Roberto Mirulla, Flavia Mitolo, Daniela Monaci, Monica Sarandrea, Tania Welz joined the project.

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Tania Welz - Chrysopoeia study no.4, 2020 garza, rame cm 40x40
Palmerino Masciotta - Intra
Roberto Mirulla - Gerusalemme 2017
Flavia Mitolo - Rivelazione, 2017 cm 100x100
Francesca di Ciaula - Nourishment, 2021 Trittico, fotografia digitale cm 80x25
Monica Sarandrea - Forma organica, 2022 ceramica cm 20x17x8
Daniela Monaci - Dalla serie

28 Oct 2022 | 18:00-22:00
Tra materia e luce
Mostra del collettivo IM-MATERIALIS - Vernissage
Free admission
Lumina design
Via Lorenzo Valla, 40/a - Roma
28 Oct-06 Nov 2022
Tra materia e luce
Mostra del Collettivo IM-MATERIALIS
Free admission
Vernissage Friday 28 Oct 2022 | 18:00-22:00
Lumina design
Via Lorenzo Valla, 40/a - Roma