Luigi Cartella

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In the 80's I studied at the Faculty of Architecture of La Sapienza and at the architecture studios of Via Giulia and Via Monserrato in Rome.

I then take part in a workshop of scenography and masks, where I created works in papier-mâché and "raw clays" that I exhibited in the collective exhibitions of the artists' circle of the Café Les Folies in Trastevere.

In the 1990s I participated in the cycles of the artists' collective "the garagists" until its dissolution, including

Alternative Journeys, against the unconscious course of post-Fordist capitalism.

Metà, expressions of a Yugoslavia against war and new divisions. Metà (half in italy) was a supermarket chain, where things are cut up and sold.

Rottamarte (sound like wreckage en route to Mars), art freely constrained by the recycling of materials.

Widespread Art Workshops, a cycle of traveling art performances by Thursday artists in the places and spaces of consciousness and in the social center "The Garage".

Since 2020 I participate in the realities of the Oxford Collective, following this interest in artistic, scientific and philosophical popularization from common roots.

Currently (2023) in the Q'4RT room of the Oxford Hotel in Rome, a watercolor sketch of floating island spaces is on display.

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Freedom to move, not just float.