Simona Gasperini

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Simona Gasperini: Rome, born in '66. A multifaceted and committed artist, she graduated from the Liceo Artistico “C. G. Argan” of Rome, and she attends the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, specializing in Sculpture. Her school course is aimed at becoming an art therapist. She has exhibited and worked throughout Italy since 2009, combining her artistic work with that of an illustrator and artistic operator for organizations such as the Cooperativa Capodarco, the CEIS, ... In Simona Gasperini's works real and imaginative meet inside of a rarefied and suspended aura. We can certainly talk about \"magical elements in a realistic context\". The artist certainly provides the observer with tools to escape from reality, while at the same time leaving an opening, a space for a possible imagination. Escapism from reality always remains linked to it in a key of salvation and hope towards the future. In all your works, the magical realism present in one of the greatest exponents of the 20th century, Donghi, shines through; as in the latter her atmospheres are suspended, rarefied, unfinished and open to gazes ready to define and conclude them. The artist offers realistic-fantastic fluctuations using the collage technique revisited with highly personal accents. The aforementioned fluctuations are highlighted by "vessel women" similar to impalpable travellers; they live on weight subtraction operations which have their reference in one of the most important literary codes of the third millennium indicated in the "American lessons" by Italo Calvino: lightness. Poetry and music of silence are the parameters characterizing all of her artistic work; Leopardi and Debussy hover in her works (Maria Laura Perilli).

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Senza titolo (particolare), 120x100 mix media su tela,2023
Le Carousel, 100x8,0 collage mix media su tela  2023
Self-portait (rosso) 30x30 collage mix media su tela  2023
Circus(Delia), particolare, 50x50 Collage mix media su tela  2023
Gli acrobati, particolare  100x70 Collage mix media su tela  2023