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 Pierluigi Pompei was born in Frascati (Rome), in 1969.

He studied at the "Academy of Fine Arts" in Rome, Sculpture department  achieving

the diploma with 110/110 and honors in 1993.

In 1995 he won a scholarship as a graduate artist, offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Netherlands.

Here he attends, between 1996 and 1998, the "Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunst"

(Royal Academy of Fine Arts) in The Hague at the  Sculpture department, finishing his studies.

He began exhibiting in 1994 with the exhibition "Contemporary Artists" at the Galleria Borgognona in Rome.


With his work Pompei, looks for a comparison with the space where architectural and acoustic elements form the main components. The infinite and the unlimited, border lines, ends, edges and spaces not directly noticed, lend themselves as a starting point. To determine one's physical, social and psychological position, every human being needs barriers and boundaries, both literally and metaphorically. His work is therefore a continuous attempt to research the precise definition of space, both for himself and for the viewer.


In 2006 he worked for three months as an artist in residence at sundaymorning @ ekwc (European center for ceramics in Den Bosch, The Netherlands). His residence was concentrated in the search for forms that would allow the projection of sound in the most effective way; this study led to a logarithmic curve that closely resembles that of a trumpet.

The series of ceramic trumpets was born from this period.


From 1994 until now, he regularly exhibits his work in galleries, museums and other cultural events between Italy, Holland, the rest of Europe and Asia. He participated at the  Ceramics Biennial in South Korea in 2010 and in Taiwan in 2014.

He has performed several public works in the Netherlands and since 2000 the City of the Hague has commissioned The project and the execution of the sculpture that represents the " culture prize" of this city.  This Award is delivered every two years.

In 2017 he realized a public sound sculpture for the city council of Schiedam, in the Netherlands. The sculpture is called De Maashoorn ( www.maashoorn.nl )


Since 2007 he is a lecturer at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. www.designacademy.nl


Since 2010 he is a ceramic advisor at EKWC (European ceramic WorkCentre) www.sundaymorning@ekwc.nl


He regularly gives Masterclass in different Academy and University in Europe for both bachelor and Master education.


Pierluigi lives and works in Amsterdam.




Pierluigi Pompei Sculpture +31 6 14 656925


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Linea d'orizzonte. Sound-sculpture installation. Ceramic, wood, steel cables. Ø 360cm x 180cm. 2021
Linea d'orizzonte. Sound-sculpture installation, ceramic, wood, steel cables. Ø 360cm x 180cm. 2021
Vocum, F-2 Bass – B3 Flute. Ceramic sound sculpture. Ø 55cm x 22cm