Fabio Pennacchia

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Fabio Pennacchia was born in Latina in 1983. In 2002 he moved to Rome and attended the degree course in Art History at the Roma Tre University. He trained in the studio of the artist Maurizio Mochetti with whom he collaborated for five years as an assistant. He developed an interest in the realization of projects to revitalize the consciousness of space through subtle, intangible works such as the installation Evacuation Plan - layer 00 - which he presents on the occasion of his first solo show at the 2RC Gallery in Rome.
In 2007 he began the civic art course at the Faculty of Architecture of Roma Tre held by Francesco Careri. Fundamental experience to develop one's own poetics of measure and perception, retracing the path of the Situationist experience and of Land art.

In 2011, he was invited to intervene in the spaces of the Museum of the Other and the Elsewhere (MAAM) as part of the Space Metropoliz project, an experiment in redevelopment and participatory design in a former occupied factory.

The experience of the Stalkers set him on the path of participatory construction and sustainable architecture, leading him to collaborate on numerous projects including "Costruir Junto" in 2012, linked to the construction of an Auditorium at the former ASA textile factory in Guimaraes ( Portugal), the self-design workshop organized by "Butera cultural Farm" and "Dettofatto Lab", at Butera, Sicily in 2013. In the same year he was invited together with Aspra-Mente, Orizzontale, Publink to the Green Insdustrial Space project of reactivation of green spaces in the industrial area of ​​Villa del Conte, Padua.
In those same years of training and practice, he develops a series of works, approximations to the real work (Calvino) that question the dimension of the sign in the space that takes shape in the object symbol of the lens capable of enclosing the landscape in one point.

This work is developed in the larger "enhanced vision" project, 2015 presented at the Bienal del fin del mundo in Casa del Puente, Mar del Plata in Argentina curated by Massimo Scaringella, and in the Corte studio as part of Open House Curated by Silvia Litardi .
Founder together with Lea Walter of the NoMade collective with whom he developed the projects of Radio NoMade in Arberia for Mediterranea 18, Tirana, in 2017 and Manifesta12 Palermo, in 2018.
In 2019 the collective presents Intesse, a permanent work in the Bosco della Sila art museum curated by Elisa Longo.
In Matera with the exhibition I'm nature and you? They intervene with "il Solco del Tempo" curated by Marilena Morabito in the spaces of Hypogeum Matera Sum.
In 2020 the work The weight of ephemeral eternity is selected for the Live Museum project, Live Change at the Trajan's Markets.


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