Fabrizio Bonato

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Born in Milan 1977

Since he was an adolescent, he has always been drawn to express his art through painting almost exclusively of the female figure, characterized by an odd form of “selective” chromophobia that influenced him to use only absolute white and deep black.

Only the strong contrast between these colors allowed him to see and therefore represent the depth of the women who found shape in his first works.

The most recent works on the other hand, are characterized by a journey the artist defines as artistic constructionism. By using different materials - with a particular preference for concrete – the works are marked by the need to overcome the constraints linked to figurative models, and arrive at the abstract. And it is precisely by overcoming the barriers imposed by these models, that the artist is able to give voice, shape and structure to personal expressive and creative needs; in an attempt to penetrate into the deepest and darkest recesses of the intimate, to fathom them and to bring to light the ruins left by previous personal experiences.  In doing so, and not without difficulty, the painstaking work of putting the fragments found there back together, the artist has also overcome the initial selective chromophobia, and now uses different colours in his work.

Fabrizio Bonato’s works are a form of material therapy that evolves according to his personal artistic maturity and experiences.

The artist's continuous experiments with other mediums such as sculpture, has found expression furniture and accessories , mainly of tables designed and created by the artist. From this series "Beretta M93R", "c64", "703 SILVER" and "Manaresso".

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29 Oct 2022 | 15:00-20:00
Fabrizio Bonato

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Open Studio
Studio Fabrizio Bonato
Via Germanico 86 - Roma
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