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Luana Romano was born in Bolzano in 1957. She graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in Painting with Prof. Andrea Volo and later specialized with honors in the same Academy with Biennium of Visual Arts and Performing Arts Disciplines - Painting. Spends a semester in Hamburg as a fellow at HFBK, Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste, with masters Monika Baer and Wim Wenders. At the BBAA Academy in Rome, she is first Laboratory Technician for the Painting course of Prof. Gianfranco Notargiacomo, Subject Matter Expert for the courses of Artistic Anatomy and Techniques and for Painting of Professors Tiziana d'Acchille and Moreno Bondi respectively. She also qualifies in the 'teaching of Steiner education for Waldorf schools.
She has been a teacher of Art and Image in secondary schools in Rome and a teacher of Italian at German-language middle schools in South Tyrol. She is currently a tenured teacher in elementary school in Rome. Before devoting herself to teaching, she worked as a decorator, founding Sognosondesto sas, an interior decorating company, with which she operated throughout Italy. Always interested in drawing and painting, he attended, before graduating, the St. James School of Ornamental Arts and the Free School of the Nude at the BBAA Academy in Rome. Since 1990, after 15 years living in Middle and Far Eastern countries, he has been living and working in Rome.

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2019 Hilos, National Academy of Dance, Rome
2015 Transumanze Verticali, Officine Nove Gallery, Rome
2013 Altusaquae, Le Opere Gallery, Rome
2007 Ich wie Frida, Galleria Le Opere, Rome
2005 Feel-m-rouge, Galleria Le Opere, Rome
2006 Wins Ceremony of the Fan (offered to the Hon. F. Bertinotti) - Chamber of Deputies Rome
2004 Wins the National Arts Award ROMA 2004 organized by the Ministry of Education of University and Research.

2021 be**pART, Atelier Montez, Rome
2015 OfficineNove, Officinenove, Rome
2014 In the Circle of Moreau, Spazio 23, Rome
2014 The Passion of Painting, Patrimonium Museum, Sutri
2013 The Scandal of Painting - Atelier Montez, Rome
2012 Settembre d'Arte, Exhibition Market of Modern and Contemporary Art, La Spezia
2011 The Search for the Absolute, Church of S. Agnese, Denno (TN)
2010 Settembre d'Arte, Exhibition Market of Modern and Contemporary Art, La Spezia
2009 PARCO8, WalkingArtGallery, Rome
2009 Segniprogettieosservazioni, Centro d'Incisione e Grafica d'Arte, Formello (RM)
2009 Der Weg ist das Ziel, Studio Total, Hamburg (Germany)
2009 Engravings, molds and woodcuts, Spazioxygene, Rome
2008 Preview, Palazzo del Podestà, Ripatransone (A. Piceno)
2008 Arte Genova, Exhibition Market, Genoa
2008 Talent for Sale, Artetica, Rome
2008 In Boecklin's Circle, Galleria Vittoria, Rome
2008 A più voci, Galleria Vittoria, Rome
2008 Angelini Art Symposium, Borgo Tre Rose, Montepulciano (Siena)
2008 Talent to sell, Enea Hotel Rome
2007 Collective exhibition, Hotel Laurin, S. Margherita Ligure (Genoa)
2007 Ad un tratto un Ritratto, Artesottocasa, Rome
2006 Pandosia, Pandosia Center, Marano (Cosenza)
2006 Identity of Painting, Vertecchi Gallery for Art, Rome
2006 Nel segno dell'incisione, Vertecchi Gallery for Art, Rome
2005 4.a Biennial of Engraving, Museum of Contemporary Art, Monsummano T. (PT)
2005 PLOT ART, Colonna Castle, Genazzano (Rome)
2005 Celeste Prize curated by Gianluca Marziani
2005 PLOT ART, Rar Galerie, Spijkenisse (Netherlands)
2005 Primaverile Romana, Academy of Egypt, Rome
2003 D'apres Gauguin, Temple of Hadrian, Rome
2003 Free School of the Nude, Sala del Bramante, Santa Maria del Popolo, Rome
2002 Incipictur - Le Opere Gallery, Rome

1995 Olbia, Decorates the interior of the Hotel "Rocce Sarde" in San Pantaleo.
1995 Spoleto, Solo exhibition, Festival dei Due Mondi, decorative and pictorial works.
1994 Treviso, Decorates the interiors and furniture of the 12 sites in the barchesse of the Palladian Villa "Villa Emo" in Castelfranco Veneto.
1994 Spoleto, Solo exhibition - Festival of the Two Worlds - decorative, mosaic and pictorial works.
1994 Birmingham, Alabama, United States, Invited to the exhibition "Casa Italia" with mosaics frescoes and Decorative artifacts representing the Italian Crafts sector Ornamental Arts.
1994 Rome, Incorporates "Sognosondesto" sas, an Interior Decorating company.
1993 Spoleto, Solo exhibition - Festival of the Two Worlds - decorative and pictorial works.
1992 Rome, 10-month course at the Studio of Alessandro Stella, specializing in Faux Marbles.
1991 Rome, Attends Roberto Lucifero's Academy of the Superfluous in Rome.

Catherine Spaak, Roberto Maria Siena, Nori Zandomenego, Tiziana D'acchille, Bruna Condoleo, Stefano Elena, Toni Calderon, Umberto Rosso (La Repubblica), Giovanna Casadio (Il Venerdi di Repubblica)

Il curriculum organico viene visualizzato solamente per gli artisti iscritti a CertArt che abbiano inserito le attività. Scopri di più su
Altusaquae 2 - acrilics on refinished paper cm85x105
Altusaquae 3 - acrilics on refinished paper cm85x105
Like threads destined to touch each other - acrilics on canvas cm110x110
the right to run away - acrilics on canvas cm100x110