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Francesca Micacchi lives and works in Rome, she is a transversal artist who uses different media and places the emphasis on sharing and distorting the codes of language. Poetry has always been her center of inspiration, and the expression that contaminates all of her art works.

She graduated in Communication and Art Education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. She has carried out several educational projects of strong social commitment for schools and associations, and exhibited her works in national and international locations. She has published several books of poetry and has participated in literary awards. She is also a freelance curator.

She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including the exibition "Women in c'Art", Roma (2018); the opening party for the European Capital of Cultur, Mons 2015; "Il Natale di Casa delle Letterature" with the ABA of Rome, Piazza dell’Orologio, Roma (2013); finalist at the "Celeste Network" Prize, international art prize for emerging artists with the work "Human" (2012); winner of the selection of the Triennial of Art - Painting section - "Trittico Art Museum" Piazza dei Satiri, Roma (2011); finalist at the 31st Exhibition and Competition of Figurative Art, Painting and Sculpture - Cinecircolo Romano del San Leone Magno, Roma (2010). She worked until 2017 in her art gallery "Art pour l'Art" in Mons, Belgium. She was the artistic director of the gallery "Polmone Pulsante" Centro di Promozione delle Arti e della Ricerca, Roma, and of the “Griffe Gallery”, Roma.

She is the founder and president of ARTOTEK Cultural Association and Artistic Movement located in Via Laurentina 10/A Roma, and as curator has organized photography, painting, poetry and holistic events. She collaborates with Contaminazioni Poetiche and with the NIP – Nazionale Italiana Poeti.

She has conceived and realized the kermesse "PERCORSI PASOLINIANI" (2022) as part of the Estate Romana in the Roma 70 district, and always during the Estate Romana she organized her personal exhibition "Roma URBAN ART", and made her debut as a screenwriter and theater performance director with "Love and P. - The non-end".

"More than half of the best art works of recent years do not belong to either painting or sculpture"

Donald Judd, 1965

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