Stefania Cecchetti

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Stefania Cecchetti was born in Rome where she currently lives and works. Her lifelong interest in art motivated her to pursue her studies at an art high school, II Liceo Artistico di Roma, where she earned her diploma. After her graduation, she furthered her studies at the University of Rome, La Sapienza, majoring in Art History.

From 1989 – 91, Stefania Cecchetti participated in numerous painting workshops directed by Renate Cristin, in Germany,.

From 1994 – 96, she participated in workshops directed by Normanno Locci.

In 1998, Stefania began her personal exhibition itinerary: personal art shows as well as collective art shows of international prestige. She has received notable recognition for the unique essentiality of her pictorial inspiration.

Stefania loves to listen to music, especially classical music, as she paints in her studio, a space within her Roman home dedicated to her artmaking. Within that temporary yet fulfilling serenity and detachment from the outer world, Stefania endows her canvas with the emotions of her inner reality, the reality she loves to narrate and share. It’s like a story that assumes its own chromatic construction through the immediacy of her palette knives. And thus, chromatic masses are born and are constantly renewed as their own construction of space:  solar yellows are transformed into clusters of light, passionate vibrations of cadmium red and magenta turn into light dance steps,  ultramarine blues  plummet, bringing into being waterfalls and reflections, golden hues and warm ochres invent dreams that go beyond the immense sweeps of sand. Dreams beyond the desert, emotive fragments, unsettledness, stratifications of chromatic flow at times enriched with drizzles of internal variations of primary and composite colors – all of this makes up the sentimental identity of  Stefania’s pictorial research, of her artistic culture.  For Stefania Cecchetti composing essential rhythms of color on the canvas is a way of expressing thoughts and formulating images with elegant gestures. It is her way of relating to the world and of constructing her own world of sensations, sentiments, memories, but also, and above all else, a world of continuous discoveries in the art of living.

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