Paola Marinelli

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I was born in Verona in 1952 and live in Rome since 2003.

Born into art, graduated in architecture from the IUAV in Venice, I worked mainly as a self-employed architect, keeping the artistic activity in the background. That was until 2006, when I decided to devote myself to visual art, first practicing contemplative photography and later finding my own language in the multi-material visual composition. In fact, I love to manipulate different materials and I have a great interest in their combination, which generates unexpected dialogues. An aesthetic and formal interest but with deep ethical correspondences.

Artistic activity is for me a very interior moment, a form of meditation. So the exhibition activities have over time been limited.

In the last years I have organized a collective exhibition in the courtyard of her studio: Arte in Cortile has offered a meeting space between artist and non-artist friends, in an unusual space but close to everyday life.

My tension is now directed towards involving people in the creative process: this is why I created the practice of Fare Filosìn, creative experiences of visual composition.

My works are exhibited online on the website:

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Humanity - installation of non-paintings, aluminum and oil
Lump - mixed media
Table totem - wood, aluminum, oil
Diafania - aluminum, mixed media

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28 Oct 2022 | 17:30-20:00

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Open Studio
Studio Paola Marinelli
Via Giuseppe La Farina 37 - roma
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