Maria Magdalena Wosik

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Maria Magdalena Wosik, who was born in Poland in 1986, studied the history of cinema where she approached the world of events through film festivals. From there she specializes in event management and has rediscovered the thread of art through floral design where she expresses herself artistically by creating installations using the flower as a material. Maria Magdalena Wosik is a member of the Slow Flowers Italy movement. During the lockdown, she teamed up with Manuela Lopez for a new project for RAW 2021: "The flower room", presented by the Cultural Association GART-Garden Art.

Manuela Lopez has a great passion for floral design. She discovered this path at a particular time in her life. After years of studying medicine and surgery, just a few steps away from graduation, she began to feel a sense of inadequacy compared to what she had been carrying out for a long time. Then a special meeting and a series of circumstances introduced her to the world of floral design. She immediately felt a strong call and decided to let herself go on this new adventure. She discovered how the flower is the essence of beauty, lightness and strength, and that this wonderful art made her feel at ease. She had the opportunity to participate in the Slow Flowers Italia 2019 and participated in the Floralism Festival in 2020 and Floralism 2021.

Maria Wosik and Manuela Lopez met thanks to the training that took place in the studio in which Maria Wosik was a member, and was involved in the training of new floral designers. From this meeting, a great friendship and mutual esteem were born that led them to decide to create this artistic duo.

They will present their floral design installation “Tangle of flowers” at RAW 2021 within the "La stanza Fiorita" project presented by the cultural association GART Garden-Art


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