Barbara Lo Faro Art

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I am a self taught artist.

Drawing and painting are my main artistic expressions. My work is mainly influenced by the 20th century figurative tradition, in particular the Austrian Expressionism of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele.

I try to rework and blend these influences with my personal taste, fused with postmodern techniques such as acrylic, ballpoint pen, charcoal and watercolor.

My first love has always been the biro pen: doodles everywhere, on any kind of support, with my head in the clouds.

Acrylic, charcoal, metallic pigments and oil pastels make up most of the techniques I use for my works on canvas, fabric and cardboard.

Watercolor and ink on paper, with their lightness and transparency, have recently taken the lead over everything... but the final touch is almost always with a biro pen.




My art is figurative, although it tends lately to an abstract, evanescent figurative.

My female portraits, in particular, are enigmatic and ambivalent. At first glance they might seem to be portraits of women caught in reassuring daily life, but looking more closely I let a subtle turmoil be glimpsed, inviting not to stop at the surface, but to discover the charm of a sunny and restless soul at the same time, as is a little bit of mine...

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