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Luigia d'Alfonso was born in 1967 in Rome where she has always lived and worked, ranging from jewelry design to textile design with cross-over into theater. Since 2002 she has shared an atelier of art and handcraft with Ada Perla, channelling then the reciprocal experiences towards an artistic research rooted in the Mediterranean origins. In 2014 they started an adventure that led the artistic duo "towards a common language: Sabìr. The name chosen by the authors to identify this new artwork refers to the language spoken in the past in the ports across the Mediterranean Sea. Later on, the Sabìr concept was expanded and enriched with Totems and Ciaccerate. "dap - d'Alfonso, Perla", the artistic duo, was also selected for several exhibitions and contests and in 2019 Luigia and Ada exhibited at the Rome Art Week with the work "Ciaccerata immaginatopeica" at the Spallazzani Hospital - INML. An art project that involved the patients and staff of the hospital as well as visitors to the exhibition space.
In 2020, Luigia d’Alfonso contracted Covid-19. During her isolation she retrieved her artistic individuality, working on a new project for RAW 2021 "The flower room", featured by the GART-Garden Art Cultural Association.

dap, Luigia d'Alfonso e Ada Perla, are two roman artists who work together in a four handed project: the "Sabìr". The name refers to the language spoken in the past in the ports across the Mediterranean Sea. Each project starts with individual researches and dialogue, the fertile ground of their work, shaped the visual language of Sabìr. Selected in different exhibitions and calls for artists, they were present in Rome Art Week 2019 with “Ciaccerata immaginatopeica”, a participated artistic project at INMI L. Spallanzani: "Ciaccerata... at Spallanzani". The donated work is exhibited in the hospital lobby. They exhibited in the solo exhibition "Sabir - Visionary bridge", One Art Space Gallery, Tribeca, New York.



  • RAW Rome Art Week, “Monochromacolor^, Group exhibition, Studio Campo Boario, Rome - Italy.
  • In Scena!, In Scena! Award, Career Awards realized by dap, Italian Institute of Culture, New York – USA.
  • dap, “Sabìr limitless journey”, Solo exhibition, Time Gallery, New York - USA.


  • XXXIII Porticato Gaetano, “Environmental Emergency”, Group exhibition, Museum Pinacoteca Comunale A. Sapone, Gaeta – Italy.


  • RAW Rome Art Week, “Flowery Room”, Group exhibition, Caterina Volpicelli Institute, Rome - Italy.
  • AUSGANG24, “GEHÄUSE”, Group exhibition, Incinque Open Art Monti Gallery, Rome - Italy.


  • SHE IS, “SHE IS... 2020”, Group exhibition, One Art Space Gallery, New York - USA.


  • Sinergie Solidali, "Woman: from Object to Subject", Group exhibition, Association seat, Rome - Italy.
  • RAW Rome Art Week, “Ciaccerata immaginatopeica”, a participated artistic project, INMI L. Spallanzani, Rome - Italy. "Ciaccerata... at Spallanzani", the donated work is exhibited in the hospital lobby.
  • ASREA, “ASREA 2019”, Group exhibition, Ex Cartiera Latina - Nagasawa Hall, Rome - Italy.
  • dap, "Sabir - Visionary bridge", Solo exhibition, One Art Space Gallery, New York - USA.


  • XXX Porticato Gaetano, “The space and the time of memory”, Group exhibition, Museum Pinacoteca Comunale A. Sapone, Gaeta - Italy. Certificate of special mention. The work, "TMS", is now part of the contemporary art collection of the Pinacoteca.
  • Arte Laguna Prize 2018-19, Venice International contemporary art competition: Sabìr "Repercussions" overcame the first stage of selection.
  • Umbria Art, “Umbria Art Festival”, Group exhibition, urban location, Terni - Italy.
  • dap, "Sabìr pictorial plots", Solo exhibition, Pagea Contemporary Art Gallery, Angri – Italy.


  • Bottega Perla, "M.A.L.A.", Solo exhibition, Art Studio Monfalcone 16, Rome – Italy.


  • Bottega Perla, "The colors of water", Solo exhibition, Art Studio Monfalcone 16, Rome - Italy.


  • Bottega Perla, "Atelier Simultané", Solo exhibition, Art Studio Monfalcone 16, Rome - Italy.


  • Morgan Stanley, "Welfare and Finance: Women on stage", Group exhibition, Euclide Theatre, Rome – Italy.


  • Monte dei Paschi di Siena e ING Investment Management, "Percorsi di vini", Solo exhibition, Institute seat, Rome - Italy.
  • Corpo forestale dello stato, "Art & Nature - 188° Annual of foundation”, Group exhibition, Piazza del Popolo, Rome – Italy.


  • Cultural Association Studio 5, “The doors of the Mediterranean" 3rd Edition, Group exhibition, Cloister of Paolotti, Conversano - Italy.


  • Teatrogruppo, "Season at the Theatre", Solo exhibition, Euclide Theatre, Rome - Italy.
  • International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art, 27th Fair of East and Mediterranean, Bari - Italy.
  • Cultural Association Studio 5, "Olive tree in art", Group exhibition, itinerant, Italy.



Education and Workshops
2012"Art on fabric", Studio del Maestro Giò Coppola, Viterbo Italy | In-depth study of the pictorial technique on fabric with the use of professional colors for fabrics: colors and shades are the result of mixing concentrated pigments with a soft and transparent base.ated pigments with a soft and transparent base.,
Awards and honors
2019"Certificate of special mention", Pinacoteca Comunale A. Sapone, Gaeta Italy | "... But the pieces - the cut is not 2019 perfect - are not sewn together and the blue is crossed by cyclonic currents: the memory is consumed between the polite and the prosaic." Marcello Carlino,
Works in Public and Private Collections
2019"TMS", Pinacoteca Comunale A. Sapone, Gaeta Italy | Sabir's fragments take shape again, the large cross, ancestral meaning of sound, those magical vocalisms of the origins of humanity which are the basis of every complete narrative and reveal its mysterious essence.,
Solo show in Private Galleries
2022dap, “Sabìr limitless journey”, Time Gallery, New York United States | Every border that divides men and countries is also a line of contact and the creative movement of the imagination will break down distances and borders., 10-16 Jan 2022
2019Sabìr-Visionary Bridge, One Art Space, New York United States | Pictorial textures which shape thought and silence, impalpable yet visually powerful tapestries., 12-18 Sep 2019
2018Sabìr - Pictorial Plots, Galleria Pagea Arte Contemporanea, Angri Italy | Sabir's pictorial lexicon, both intimate and universal, visualizes the concept of relationship and dialogue, between the self and the outside., 02-30 Jun 2018
Exhibitions in International Fairs and Events
2007"27th Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art", Fiera del Levante, Bari Italy | Presence by invitation of the Il Tetto Art Company Gallery, Via Margutta., 16-19 Sep 2007
Exhibitions in national Fairs and Events
2018Umbria Art 2018 “Contemporary art and literature festival”, Urban Location, Terni Italy | "...the proposed work, the Totem TP1, is the messenger of our visual language developed on the theme of sabìr, the ancient spoken language of the Mediterranean.", 19-30 Sep 2018
2010Art & Nature-188th Annual of the Forestry Corps foundation, Piazza del Popolo, Roma Italy | "I enthusiastically accepted the invitation of the forest corps, this year is also the celebration of biodiversity. Combining nature and art is certainly a virtuous and direct path to unravel the plot of complex relationships with citizens.", 15-17 Oct 2010
Group exhibitions in museums and public galleries
2022International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Polo Museale dei trasporti ASTRAL, Roma Italy | Gender-based violence affects the body and the psyche and causes both obvious and intangible wounds to society as a whole. This Sabir "Repercussions" deflated by wounds radiates the echo of pain like a sound box., 25 Nov 2022
2021-2022XXXIII Porticato Gaetano “Environmental Emergency”, Pinacoteca Comunale A. Sapone, Gaeta Italy | The admitted work, “The age of the world”, is painted with enamels on plexiglass., 20 Nov 2021-31 Jan 2022
2019ASREA, “ASREA 2019”, Ex Cartiera Latina - Sala Nagasawa, Roma Italy | Sabìr-The flight of the sirens «Mermaids are a symbol of female independence and solidarity. They have a voice to sing and wings to fly. And they are wise.» Barbara Zecchi, Preface "Women of the Mediterranean", 11-20 Oct 2019
2018-2019XXX Porticato Gaetano “The space and the time of memory”, Pinacoteca Comunale A. Sapone, Gaeta Italy | The issued work “TMS” is painted with the use of professional colors for textiles on dismissed fabrics., 18 Nov 2018-13 Jan 2019
Exhibitions in Private Galleries
2022RAW Rome Art Week, “Monochromacolor”, Studio Campo Boario, Roma Italy | Sabir's pair is a journey aimed at discovery and encounter. The tones of the sky and of thought, the dark and liquid blue of the abyss dissolve and thin out, bringing the gaze to the colors of the earth, of passions, of life., 24-29 Oct 2022
2021“GEHÄUSE”, Incinque Open Art Monti, Roma Italy | Sabir “Marblu” - Whale voices, dolphin whistles... the call of sirens. Real and imaginary sounds paint our "auditory scene" and the unconscious memory of the time we were surrounded by amniotic fluid resurfaces., 25-30 Apr 2021
2020“SHE IS... 2020”, One Art Space Gallery, New York United States | An independent art exhibition on women’s empowerment that sees the world through the eyes of a woman. She is not defined by society. She is who she wants to be., 17-21 Mar 2020
Group shows in alternative spaces
2021RAW Rome Art Week, “Flowery Room”, Istituto C. Volpicelli, Roma Italy | "Plants have their own way of making themselves present to our spirit. Their touch [...] most often unheard or neglected, remains in us. It can lie sleepy for years, until, if the right conditions are given, it resurfaces". A. Bonavia Giorgetti, 25-30 Oct 2021
2019"Woman: from Object to Subject", Associazione Sinergie Solidali, Roma Italy | Ciaccerata ... with the other side of the moon. A polychrome mosaic which tells about the woman, her bonds, shares, clashes, exchanges and her hidden side., 29 Nov-08 Dec 2019
Rome Art Week, “Ciaccerata immaginatopeica”, INMI Spallanzani, Roma Italy | A participated artistic project, the work,"Ciaccerata... at Spallanzani", the result of the collaboration was donated to the hospital and is exhibited in the hospital lobby., 21-26 Jul 2019

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