Data and contact details, the stage name of Chiara, a 27-year-old girl from Milan, showed a particular interest in art and drawing from an early age.

She attended the Higher Institute of Advertising Graphics in Milan and graduated with full marks. 
Even before finishing her studies, she starts working in a typography as a pre-press graphic and printer.
Hence her career as an artist, first as a Graphic Designer and later, in 2019, as an illustrator of EroticArt. In 2019 she illustrates the book 1000 strokes by the writer Jamais Jarivier and from this moment on the works in which he participates are many.
Also in the same year participates at the Biennale MArte Live in Rome, arriving among the 6 finalists for the illustration section. In 2020 she participates in the Cheap Festival project, La lotta è Fica, creating a poster that will then be exhibited in Bologna throughout the year.
Also in 2020 she created, in collaboration with Skyn, a well-known brand of pleasure products, the illustration for the Variety Box Limited Edition.
The most substantial projects of 2020 are made for the Spanish writer Irina Vega for whom creates all the illustrations of the two books published by the writer. In 2021 Mysecretcase, one of the largest sites for the sale of erotic games, asks her to create illustrations to be placed on products and gadgets sold on their own site.
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