Francesca Mariani

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Touring artist, bearer of a poetic imaginary in which human figure, city and nature join together and become suspended, emotional and dreamlike landscapes. Each artwork – enclosed in antique frames – come to life from the blend of black ink, coffee, nature elements (wild flowers and leaves), threads and old papers to tell you a story.

 I was born in Ascoli Piceno, a cradle full of history between sea and mountains. Nature has an ancestral appeal for me and I love to take care of it (in fact I insert real flowers and leaves in my artworks) however I have decided to live in big cities: Rome, Paris, Milan and actually Rome again, because the metropolitan rhythm it's inspiring for my loneny and poetic job.

I have been drawing since I was a child and after a course of study in Cultural Anthropology and a degree with honors in Art Critics, I attended some workshop and the roman school of illustration Officina B5.

Doing professional experiences in traditional and digital illustration, I have currently chosen to work as a freelance illustrator, based in Rome, where I have my atelier, shared with other artists, in Vicolo de' Bovari 7, Campo de' Fiori.

I collaborate with art gallery, communication agencies, photographic studios, theater companies and then magazines, publishing houses, publishing festivals, making commissioned works for companies, organizations and solo and group exhibitions and artistic events. I have also been proposing site-specific installation projects.

Solo and Group exhibitions : http:// 2020: Libreria Colapesce - Messina • Galleria d’arte Amaneï – Salina island, Sicily • ArteGenova - Padova • Love the wall - Galleria d’arte Area Contesa, Rome • group show/ open studio, Vicolo de' Bovari 7, 00186, Roma • 2019: Art Fair Zagreb - Croatia • AQUA, group show - Sperlonga • Fuorisalone - Milan • Fiori in valigia, solo show- Sottobosco, Roma •  2018: Fiori in tazza grande, solo show– personale - dic 2018 - Burro, Roma • Mostre collettive – 2018 – Evasioni Art Studio e Pocket Art Studio, Roma • Xmas: collettiva di piccolo formato – VIII ediz – Evasioni Art Studio, Roma • Roma in centocentimetriquadri: collettiva - settembre 2018 - Galleria d’arte Spazio40, Roma • 2017: SALD OUT: collettiva - Natale 2017 - Evasioni Art Studio, Roma • 2016:CLOROFILLA: mostra/open studio - dic 2016 - via Aurelio Saffi 11, Roma • ON PAPER: collettiva- lug 2016 - Evasioni Art studio, Roma • 2015: VisionARIA: personale - mag e giu 2015 - GalleriaInsieme, Ascoli Piceno • Any given postit: collettiva - gen 2015 - WhiteNoiseGallery Roma • 2014: fiera ARTEPADOVA - nov 2014, Padova • MAIL ART group exhibition - set 2014 - SLOW GALERIE, Paris • MANA: installazione artistica site-specific permanente, MAAM, Roma

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SCRIGNO  - coffee, ink, poppies and wild flowers on musical score in vintage frame