Arianna De Nicola

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Arianna De Nicola was born in Rome in 1986, lives and works between Italy and Spain. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and the Facultad de Bellas Artes Miguel Hernandez, Alicante, Spain. She research focuses on emotional perception and on the subject of limits, where the negative border connotation takes on a positive value, becoming a stimulus towards new horizons, referring to the desire and impulse of the human being. In her work, monochromaticism and the absence of color prevail, highlighting a material minimalism. Through painting as a means of expression, manual printing techniques and ceramic sculpture, she represents distorted figures on the edge of abstraction. In her recent work he develops sculptural and sound installations and performative actions, in which the main theme is the limit and the deconstruction. Among the most recent personal exhibitions, "Overcoming" presented at the Centro14 and "Deep" at the Fundación Frax in Alicante; she also participated in conferences, group exhibitions and festivals in Spain. In Italy he participated in the artistic residence "BoCs Art" in Cosenza curated by Alberto Dambruoso and Annalisa Ferraro; her created the personal exhibition "Il giardino che non c'è at Aratro Galleria Gino Marotta, space curated by Lorenzo Canova and Piernicola Maria Di Iorio and most recently presented in independent exhibition spaces, first at 16 Civico a Pescara "Il suono del limite" with the curatorship of Maila Buglioni and Fourteen ArTellaro in Tellaro la Spazia during the exhibition "La superficie accidentata" curated by Gino D'Ugo, realizes the site specific audio installation "Fermo mobile".

The sound of limit (II) | Performing installation | Ceramics + nails | 2019
muta | installation |  concrete + wire + ceramic | 2019
 The garden that is not there | Ceramic + wire | 7x12 cm | 2018
The sound of limit (I) | Audio installation | Ceramics | 2019