Cristiano Quagliozzi

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Cristiano Quagliozzi was born in Rome on July 25, 1983.

After graduating from art school, he obtained the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome at the Chair of painting of the painter Andrea Volo, graduating in 2007 with a thesis on the language of contemporary art examining the work of the artist Giulio Paolini. The supervisor of the thesis is the art historian and professor of the chair of art history Giovanna dalla Chiesa.

In December 2008 he held his first solo exhibition Concetti Astrali at the gallery L'Acquario in Rome.

In March 2014 he published the ilbro "Quando gli uomini non aveva le ali" Polìmata editions, which contains his ink drawings exhibited in the personal exhibition "Open Pages" at the 291 East gallery, curated by Giovanna dalla Chiesaù

In 2016 a second monographic collection was published "Orizzontale Verticale, lifrei visioni e interpretazioni" aimed at documenting all the graphic production of the last 5 years.

In collaboration with the artist Milena Scardigno between 2015 and 2017 he created the Arca Project, a monumental drawing selected among the best hundred creative projects in the Lazio region carried out in 2017 and first in the visual arts section. The work is exhibited at the Museum of Rome in Trastevere under the care of Giovanna dalla Chiesa from 11 July to 8 September 2019. In 2020 the work Arca is published in a monograph published by Ali Ribelli Edizioni.

Always in collaboration with the artist Milena Scardigno from September to December 2019, he realizes the "Metamuseo" project at the Macro museum in via Nizza Roma, within the Macro Asilo project by Giorgio de Finis.

He currently lives and works in Rome

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“Orizzonte degli eventi“, realizzata su commissione a inchiostro su parete di metri 5 x 2. Roma 2017
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