Giuseppe Scelfo

My OPEN STUDIO looks again at a theme dear to me: Memories.

They are the basis of many feelings, not rational elements.

A list can be drawn up: Memory for People, Memory of Us, Memory of Origins, Memory of what has always been, Memory of our Nature, Memory of the Body, Memory of the Earth, Memory of the sun, Memory of the Heart!

All this through my works.

The visit to my studio constitutes a journey through works that reveal in retrospect a coherent and symbolic path of transformation over time.

Our body and our mind are TIME, which is said to not exist, but ultimately the works we create are our image, our behaviors, our feelings.

All this in a splendid EVENT of life.

We are this memory, we are this time.

Now as then.


Architect / Artist, I have been developing visual research since the end of the 70s through different languages, from painting to ceramics, to glass fusion, to video'art languages ​​and to photo compositing, in small and large dimensions. The latter and space, transparency, light, are the main references of my works, together with the identification of human space, fragmented, inscrutable, yet "transparent in its essence". In 2019 the "Prototypes" are born, display cases that critically visualize the loss of Nature in the contemporary transformation into ARTIFICIAL NATURE, which would like to replace the natural fertile one and, as seductive and bewitching sirtene, prototypes of new reproductive modalities, in the intimate intertwining of Attraction which exerts the universal force of the gaze. Made with Murano glass rods, on plexiglass support, the Teche are made with a real architectural construction project and are felt and thought with a look towards the project of the future.

I OPEN a window on a type of vision, mine and probably not only, on the mysterious "essence" of Art.

Numerous interpretations are given to explain Art, a word abused in its materiality and essence.Now, I can think that Art, or what we generally consider to be, must ultimately be considered "indescribable": in its nature, in what we notice and what we define when we see "the Work" (the work of transformation (which happens) on oneself and made visible in images).

Art is truly indefinable, it is an EMOTION, a COMMUNICATION, a RELATION capable of universal strength over time.

We now know from many fields that what moves people is not a "push" but an "ATTRACTION".

I don't think there is so much distance between this "universal law" that involves us all and that it is now also considered as a force that belongs to fields apparently different from the visual and deeply interconnected ones and the "emotions" in the complex relational network that scientifically explains this. that binds "things".

Which have no meaning for themselves but only in the moment in which they relate to each other, even only in the moment in which we look at them - or we look at each other: whether they are things or people, it is the very matter of existence, a modality with which life manifests itself, a complex of infinite, universal, connected relationships, involving the entire universe. 

(*) taken from Helgoland, Carlo Rovelli, Ed. Adelphi, 2020.


Some Activities

Antinatale 2020 collettiva presso RO.MI. Arte Contemporanea Via Vetulonia 55, Roma

RAW 2020 artista/esposizione presso RO.MI. Arte Contemporanea Via Vetulonia 55, Roma

RAW 2019 artista/esposizione presso RO.MI. Arte Contemporanea Via Vetulonia 55, Roma

  • MACRO ASILO Atelier 25-30 giugno 2019
  • M.A.C.I. 2018 esposizione presso RO.MI. Arte Contemporanea Via Vetulonia 55
  • Arte Genova 2015 XI ed. Febbraio 2015
  • IX LONDON BIENNALE 1/8/2016 presso Studio.ra Contemporary Art, svolta a Roma
  • M.A.C.I. 2014 esposizione presso RO.MI. Arte Contemporanea Via Vetulonia 55
  • “Sacro Fiume Almone in Primavera, evento Open House maggio 2014 Galleria Studio.ra
  • Dependance Casina delle Civette, Villa Torlonia, Arte-Viva in Villa Torlonia, maggio 2009
  • Palazzo Valentini, sotterranei, personale, 1986
  • Coordinatore metodologie Rappresentazione visiva scuole e Università, <<dipartimento di Rappresentazione Facoltà di Architettura di Roma, 1984-1985
  • IL BEATO CREATORE, pittura e installazioni Palazzina Corsini, Villa Pamphili, 1984, Roma

Wrote: Emilio Villa, Mario Lunetta, Dario Micacchi, Elio Mercuri

web: https//  -  facebook: giuseppescelfo  -  youtube: giuseppescelfo

INVISIBLE CONTACTS, oil on 4 assembled canvases 50x70. total cm. 100x140, 2019
THE SACRED WOOD, oil on canvas, cm.100x170, 2021
ARTIFICIAL NATURE. Murano glass and plexiglass display. cm. 50x70x5, 2019
THE ABSENCE  2010 video

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