Alex Caminiti

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Artista diche espone a Kou Gallery Born in Messina in 1977, where he lives and works 2018 Points breaking Museum DG Catania (Italy)- curated by Aurelio Pes 2018 ST ART curated By Angelo Crespi Palace Mondatori Milan Italy 2018 Performance curated By Philippe Daverio industry Fog Milan Italy 2018 21Canvas curated By Aurelio Pes Palace Pegasus Florence Italy 2018 Actually The Only curated By Dott.Minio Museum CC Catania Italy 2018 Continued Lines curated By arch .principato GAM Messina Italy 2018 Explotion curated By Laura Scaringella Museum EG Catania Italy 2018 Mare Motus curated V.Sgarbi Museum of the sea Lipari Island Italy 2017 Motus uniform accelerate curated By Massimo Scaringella Museum ICPNA Lima Peru' Orbitali - IIC with the high patronage of the Italian embassy Lima Peru, edited by Manuel Munive Maco 2017 "Valkyrie wings attached to meat curated By Claudio Manni Manniartgallery, Venice - Italy "I gave birth to my son but not his heart curated By Gigliola begniamino Magistrelli Galkery Artetika Palermo - Italy "From one Island to Another" Kaan Zamaan Gallery, Kerikeri - New Zealand curated by Massimo Scaringella, with the high patronage of the Italian Embassy Wellington, 2016 Alex Caminiti curated By Lilly Maugeri Museum of contemporary art c / o Palace of Culture RC - Italy "Alex Caminiti" curated by Alessandro Riva, Meeting Art auction exhibition, Vercelli - Italy 2015 Pala culture ADM, the primacy of the gaze, Messina - Italy 2013 "Performance" curated By Radini Tedeschi Fortezza da Basso, Florence Italy 2014 PDR curated By Max Olivieri Beijing China contemporary art museum 2016 "Beyond the vision", by Massimo Scaringella, Castello di Milazzo, Milazzo - Italy "Visions elsewhere", by Massimo Scaringella, Convitto Ragusa Noto - Italy 2015 Biennalfindumundo, contrasts and utopias, by Massimo Scaringella, Valpareiso Chile 2014 "Mare motus" curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, Museum of Contemporary Art, Aeolian - Italy "Breaking points"curated By Armando Principe Ducati Store Rome - Italy 2013 "Breaking points" by Arianna Albertini, Maschio Angioino, Naples - Italy "Breaking points" by Alessandro Riva, Core gallery, Naples - Italy Agropoli performance curated By T.Panagiotis Athens Greece Castel dell'Ovo The Silk Road, curated By A.Riva Naples Italy Franciscan Museum Alessandria Edited by Alessandro Riva, Italy Diocesan Museum of Gallipoli edited by A.Zichichi, Italy Castel del monte, golden number edited by A.Zichichi, Andria Italy Fondazione Piccolo curated by Aurelio Pes, capo dorlando Italia Palazzo Upter curated by Veronica Nicoli, Rome Italy Museo dioscuri al Quirinale by Armando Principe, Rome Italy Permanent sansalvatore museums in Lauro,curated By V.Minnella Rome Italy Steam factory, breaking points by Veronica Nicoli, Milan Italy 2010 Action curated By L.Mattarella Budapest Museum of Contemporary Art S Alex Caminiti curated By G.Veniero Palermo Museum of Contemporary Art 2009 "Breaking points"curated By Lucio Barbera Pala conferences Taormina, Taormina - Italy 2008 Alex Caminiti, curated By K.Ali Rukovodilac gallery, Belgrade - Serbia "Breaking points", by Piero Mainardis De Campo Venice, Design and art gallery, Venice Italy 2007 "Titani" curated by Nino Principato, Santa Maria Degli Alemanni, Messina - Italy 2006 Fojer theater Vittorio Emanuele, fragments by Lucio Barbera, Messina Italy Salone degli Specchi, Alex Caminiti curated by Francesca Bogliolo, Messina Italy Palazzo dei Leoni, Alex Caminiti curated by Silvia Fabbri, Messina Italy Mazzullo Foundation, Alex Caminiti curated by Silvia Fabbri, Taormina Italy PDR curated By K.Ali Carrousell du Louvre, Louvre Museum Paris - France Alex Caminiti curated By G.Solferino Brindisi Museum of Contemporary Art Museum of Contemporary Art, the chimneys, by Lucio Barbera, Catania - Italy Salone degli specchi Sanctum, curated by Nino Principato, Messina - Italy 2004 Circolo della borsa, Rhapsodies by Lucio Barbera, Messina Italy "Breaking points" Museum of Contemporary Art Penna 70, edited by L. Barbera, Messina Italy 2003 "Alex Caminiti" curated By V.Latina Museum of contemporary art Cerreto Laziale - Italy Museum of contemporary art filanda, breaking points by Lucio Barbera, Roccalumera Italy 2002 PDR curated By T.Panagiotis Pinacoteca engineering department Volos Greece "Disorders" Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi and Thoma Ritter, curated by Alessandro Riva, Milan-Italy "Alex Caminiti"curated By Esme Museum of the poor Palermo - Italy Biennale " curated By Vittorio Sgarbi Palazzo Sant'Elia, Palermo - Italy "Attack on the heart of civilization" curated By G.Romano Modern and contemporary art gallery, Messina - Italy "Redemption", by Lucio Barbera Palazzo Zanca, Messina - Italy "Breaking points"curated By A.Saterland Gotland Gallery, Berlin - Germany Museums San Salvatore in lauro curated by Roberta Minnella Rome Italy 2001 "The other end gallery Alex Caminiti Solo Show"curated By M .Curtis Milville NJ USA "Alex Caminiti" curated By K.Ali Braga stamelkovic gallery, Belgrade - Serbia "Innocent drops of water scratch the stone" Curated By C.Spano'Monte di pietà, Messina Italy Awards and recognitions Monte Carlo 2005 international award Orion Award University of Messina Manzoni Prize Ministry of Education Messina Contemporary art award Palazzo Barberini Rome Munich International Contemporary Art Award City of Milville NJ USA honor City honor of Buena NJ USA The battle prize Vineland NJ USA Works in public and private collections Monument Paralympic athletes cus unime 2017 Public work Kerikeri New Zealand 2017 "The legeng" Public work university citadel Messina Italy 2016 Ducati operates in permanent Panigale Bologna Italia 2014 Public roundabout city of Foggia Public opera amphitheater university Volos Greece Permanent works Palazzo Apollo, Messina - Italy Permanent works in the city and private collections such as Dubai, Estoril, Paris, Oslo, Geneva, New York, Miami, Senzen, Paris.
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