Marco Polo Rivera Delgado

Marco Polo Rivera was born in Lima, Peru, in 1982, where since he was a child, early attracted to art, through the design of a concreteness to his thoughts and emotions; moved to Italy in 2000, he continues his academic training at the Anagni Art Institute but it is the experience of the live use of the great masterpieces of classical and Renaissance art and influenced and directed by his studies, allowing him to deepen his research.

These are the years in which he studies perspective, axonometries and drawing from life, the impact with the architectural beauties of Rome and the comparison with classical sculpture becomes a stimulus to start modeling clay and, looking for forms in the space, creates bas-reliefs in the round. The artistic production of Marco Polo Rivera is articulated in the dimension of the figurative, differently declined in the choice of subjects, it flows into the acquired notional background and the need to translate their feelings: the artist, in the continuous search for a personal style, draws to the stylistic and formal repertoire of the pictorial currents that have influenced him most, intertwining with it the anti-naturalism of shapes and colors.

The subjects of his paintings, taken from the real world, are made with a synthetic and angular modeling, placed on the canvas in a dominant position they are projected in an unreal dimension accentuated by the bright and dissonant character of the table: the artist through the use of colors in oil, laid out pure or with precise chromatic mixes, it balances the transparency, transparency and opacity to your liking while the allegorism of the elements it inserts, even a completion of the works, amplifies their content meaning.

The artistic activity of Marco Polo Rivera can be ideally divided into phases which coincide with different approaches to the pictorial material given by a constant study aimed at technical and stylistic improvement: often the artist returns to intervene on the canvases, after a long time, modifying them or distorting them in full, satisfying their creative needs from the moment.

Marco Rivera conceives art as the extension of a need for personal expression generated by the impulse of inspiration, which takes the form of creating the work of art by itself after a process of knowledge and continuous and incessant experimentation, but using completeness only in the relationship "creation-fruition", certain of the social role of the artist witness of the contemporary,


 Dott.ssa Ilaria Giacobbi

... A reality in constant movement, creation and destruction merge into chaos, a seated woman, undisturbed, breathes serenely with her eyes closed, one hand shows her palm in a sign of peace, the other near the womb holds
 ... A woman, almost a goddess, comes from a distant past or future, mysterious, arcane, like a saint ,. It looks imposing with the chest forward. Meet a wandering heart as a gift
Inspired by the works of Piet Mondrian, mixing his synthesis of neoplasticism with a contemporary figurative.

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