Maja Hydbom

Maja Hydbom Painter Artist Statement My work is always highly focused on the figurative, natural form, either portrayed in surreal environments or centralised with contemplative concepts. I use symbolism as I puzzle together political statements and I conduct them in vibrant colours to make scenes of life’s absurdity or my views on structures of humanity, with an ironical smirk. Rather than relaying on depicting one theme, through the same technical structure, I choose to make my works independent surrounded by thought. I recently had a serie of colourful birds being robbed of their freedom by human inhumanity (Nature Vs Nurture). As of now I am working on a serie based on the quarantine situation, my first piece being “Apple Picking”. Education -Bachelor in Fine Art 2014 Flagler College, FL, USA Awards & Grants -Diploma for academic and artistic achievements, Flagler College, USA 2014 -Cultural grant, Lomma Municipality, Sweden 2016 for artistic studies through painting Experience & Exhibitions I have moved a lot the last years, going from America to Sweden to Spain and now as of 2 months, I am based here in Roma, Italy. USA: -Group exhibition at Crisp-Ellert Art Museum, Saint Augustine, FL 2016 Sweden: -Solo exhibition at FRANK Gallery & Studios, Malmö 2015 -Group exhibitions at FRANK Gallery & Studios, Malmö 2015-2016 -Selected for event exhibition "Animitas", Malmö Live 2017 -Group exhibition at Kalmar School of Design, Kalmar 2017 Spain: -Group exhibition at El Cortijio Guadacorte, Guadacorte 2018 -Group exhibition at Gran Meliá Don Pepe, Marbella 2018 -Currently displayed at Marbella Club gallery Moretti & Moretti, Marbella

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