Daniele Clementucci

 Daniele Clementucci was born on July 25th 1989 in Rome. Since when he was a child, he showed a natural aptitude towards artistic disciplines, ranging from figurative arts to plastic arts. Chasing his passion for arts, he decides to enrol at the "Ripetta" Art High School, guided by artists such as Roberto Almagno and Cesare Tacchi. During these years he develops a strong interest in anatomical design, leading him to his true passion: hyperrealism. Collaborating with various artists as well as receiving rewards and encouragements, will increase his interest for this deeply complex technique. His love for classical and contemporary arts will encourage him to study new techniques and subjects every day.

BRICKS - 90X60cm (pencil on paper)
DAVID - 100x70cm (pencil on paper)
MURAKAMI - 100X70 cm (pencil on paper)
DOUBLE RUBY 80X50cm (pencil on paper)