Francesca Cesaroni

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Francesca Cesaroni was born in Rome, where she lives and works.

Psychologist, Jungian psychoanalyst, trained in phenomenological psychiatric circles, she carried out clinical activity privately and mainly in university contexts - Policlinico La Sapienza University of Rome; he taught Psycho-pedagogy from 1995 to 1999 at the Faculty of Psychiatry of the University Hospital of Naples.

In 2006 he left the professional exercise and the theoretical-clinical research for artistic research, implementing a radical change in the outward appearance and expressive tools, choosing sculpture and the photographic image as preferential mediators, but maintaining the same centrality of the 'attention on Man and his internal world, on the dynamic relations with the other by himself, on the themes of Narcissism, the common thread of all his intellectual research.

In 2008 he made a personal exhibition of sculptures and photographic works in Rome, in v. Giuseppe Montanelli 11, within spaces of his architectural design, entitled Places for Narcissus, curated by Ludovico Pratesi. (Press Release: "La Repubblica" 12-1-08 of Cecilia Cirinei; "AD Architectural Digest" apr.2008).

He has exhibited in some Italian collective exhibitions (gall.Enzo Mazzarella - Rome 2009 for "Nessuno tocchi Caino"; Palace of the princes of Carpegna - Carpegna - edition 2007-2008. In 2010-12- 15 for Electronic Art Cafè curated by Umberto Scrocca and Achille Bonito Oliva.

In December 2013 he made a personal, exhibition / performance, entitled "Architectures of the Self" curated by Achille Bonito Oliva (online video on

youtube 15 large-format photographs and tableau vivant on the complexity of inner themes, representations of internal images of contemporary Man. (exibart, ...)

In June 2019 he made a personal exhibition of 12 sculptures and 8 photographs entitled Eros and his Shadows, curated by Gianni Mercurio, with the international gallery owner Marisa Del Re, centered on the ambiguity of the figure of Eros in love life-  Palazzo Venier - Rome. (Press Release: "TGR Lazio; Sky TG24 28-6-19; Radio Godot 25-6-19; Corriere della Sera 25-6-19 of Angelo Bucarelli; Il Tempo 27-6-19 of Gabriele Simongini; Il Messaggero 28-6-19; Trovaroma 27-6-19; Ansa 19-6-19; ADN Kronos 25-6-19; AGR Press 27-6-19; Arte 07-2019; Exibart 19-6-19; Artribune 26-6-19).

The Exibition EROS e SUE OMBRE is in Palazzo Venier , Salita del Grillo 17

In April 2022 he inaugurates the personal exhibition AFRODITE, HER LOVER ARES AND THEIR SONS, in which he addresses the theme of war through the universal lens of Greek mythology, often present in his artistic work. (press Corriere della Sera, Il Messaggero) 

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Untitled, bronze on stone
Les Amoureux , resin on stone
Il seminatore, bronze
Untitled, photographic paper