Thalassini Douma

Studied at the University for Foreigners of Perugia, University of Urbino and the Roberto Rossellini Institute in Rome. She lived in Italy between 1987 and 1998, where she came into contact with the contemporary art circles of San Lorenzo and the vecchia avant-garde art in Rome.

At that period of time she comes close to Zoe Spazio Arte, where she meets the photographer Claudio Abate and Arte Povera's Key figure Jannis Kounellis. In 1996, she works for Fabio Sargentini's renowned L'attico gallery in Rome for the aristic project "Martiri e Santi".

As a photojournalist, since 1991, she has covered crises in war zones and their impact on daily life on numerous assignments from the war in former Yugoslavia, to the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Her work has appeared in major international publications including The Observer, The Guardian, The Straits Times, L' Espresso, Il Manifesto, Archaeology magazine, Expressen, etc.

In 1998 she began collaboration with the Associated Press in Athens as a photojournalist and for two years (2002-2004) she worked for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games Organizing Committee.
Her artwork has been hosted in a series of solo and collective exhibitions in Greece and abroad since 2006.

In Italy in 2007 she was invited to participate in the collective exhibition «Sagome 547», organized by the Gallery Horti Lamiani Bettivò and in 2008 she participated in the collective exhibition «Falce e Martello» at the Museo Sperimentale d'Arte Contemporanea (MUSPAC) in L'Aquila.

In 2009 she participated in the collective exhibition «Ab Ovo - All'origine della forma» and the exhibition «Chiudere un occhio» at the Abate Studio in Rome.

In 2010 she takes part in the collective exhibition «Ab Ovo ² - All'origine della forma», at the Scuderie Aldobrandini in Frascati and at the exhibition «Collettiva» of the Takeawaygallery in Rome.

In 2011 she presented her personal exhibition «Dissolving Travellers» at the Opera Unica Gallery in Rome.

In 2012 she was invited to participate at the LVII Termoli 2012 National Award collective exhibition «La Retina Lucente», at the Civic Gallery of Contemporary Art in Termoli.

In 2015 she participated in the exhibition «Il muro – Confini, sconfinamenti» at the Pinacoteca Comunale di Gaeta. (Honorary distinction).

In 2016 she participated in the collective exhibition «INEDITI No3» at the BQB in Rome. In 2017 she presented the personal exhibition «Journey in the Labyrinth» at the Technohoros Art Gallery in Athens, curated by the art historian and critic, Lorenzo Canova.

Thalassini lives in Greece and travels often to create and expand her photographic projects, favoring issues concerning the environment and the connection of man with Mother Nature, which brought her to Greenland, the underground canyons of Arizona and the Amazon rain forest.

Atto Secondo 2017
Ab Ovo ² - All'origine della forma 2009
Disolving Travellers 2011
Sconfinamenti 2015