Maria Carla Mancinelli

Maria Carla Mancinelli was born in Rome, where she lives and works. Painter and sculptor, she created works by recycling waste materials, such as fabrics, wood, iron, paper, rubber, organizing them on mainly recovered supports. For years he has been following a personal journey on imaginary urban landscapes, at first producing a long series inspired by Italo Calvino's "invisible cities" and recently a new series of works entitled "The interference of the divine", landscapes immersed in a transcendent atmosphere traveled by glimpses of light.

Her current research continues on the theme of light, through the use of ever-changing techniques, from cement, to plaster, to encaustic.

In 2017 she formed, together with other artists, the Coala Group, Artists of the Lake Collective, painters and sculptors linked by a common feeling, who operate and work on the lands around Lake Bracciano.



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Main exhibitions:

  • collective Domino Dominio | For fun and for real, Nuvola Creativa Festival of the Arts - IV edition, Macro Asilo, Rome, 2019
  • Triple personal 8.5.7 Human.Interior.Caotico, E.Co.Point Gallery, Rome, 2019 (Coala Collective)
  • collective Tiny Biennale 7th edition - Luce / Light, Gallery of Art, Temple University Rome, Rome, 2019
  • collective Venus and Adonis, Civic Museum of Bracciano, 2018 (Coala Collective)
  • personal triple Our Cityscapes, Evasioni Art Studio Gallery, Rome, 2018 (Coala Collective)
  • collective Tiny Biennale 6th edition, Gallery of Art, Temple University Rome, Rome, 2018
  • collective The Artbox.Project New York 1.0, Stricoff Gallery, New York, 2018
  • collective Refuge, Cafè Culturel de l'Ancienne Gare, Friborg (Switzerland), 2017
  • collective The Artbox.Project Basel 1.0, Euroairport Basel, Basel (Switzerland), 2017
  • collective Nuvola Creativa - Festival of the arts of Rome, Pelanda Factory, Rome, 2017
  • collective Configuration#1, Palazzo degli Alessandri, Viterbo, 2017 (Coala Collective)
  • collective Sald Out, Evasioni Art Studio Gallery, Rome, 2016–2017
  • collective Beyond IV, Wikiarte Gallery, Bologna, 2016
  • Double personal Mancinelli-Melloni, Outlaw Bistrot, Bracciano, 2016
  • Collective Eros and Thanatos, International Women's House, Rome, 2015
  • Personal Shadows, E.Co.Point Gallery, Rome, 2015
  • Double personal Passaggi, Galleria Il Laboratorio, Rome, 2015
  • collective Analisi Illogica, International Women's House, Rome, 2014 (included in AMACI Day)
  • Double personal Appearances, Galleria Il Laboratorio, Rome, 2014
  • Collective I am not superstitious, Villa Bondi, Marina di Pisa, 2014
  • collective The landscapes of the soul, Palazzo Toledo, Pozzuoli, 2013
  • collective Art Abitart Award, Abitart Hotel, Rome, 2013
  • collective Teramo Selection Art Caffè Letterario Award, Exhibition halls of the Municipality, Teramo, 2013
  • collective Inthebox All Sessions, Lanificio Cucina, Rome, 2013
  • collective Colors, materials, signs, Spazio Arte Castello, Turin, 2013
  • collective The invisible cities, Galleria Collezione Saman, Rome, 2013
  • collective small & LARGE, Vibe Gallery, London, 2013
  • collective OpenARTmarket, Fonderia delle Arti, Rome, 2012 - 2013
  • collective Inthebox, Galleria Margini & Segni, Bracciano, 2012
  • collective Premio Art Caffè Letterario, Caffè Letterario, Rome, 2012-13-14
  • collective 1 Art Day, Casa d’Aste Bloomsbury Auctions, Rome, 2012
  • collective La Materia Ri-Nata VI and VII edition, Consorzio CAE 2.0, Ex Mattatoio, Rome, 2012
  • personal Time and space, Palazzo Orsini, Bomarzo (VT), 2012
  • collective Carta & cartone ... limited edition, Laborars, Rome, 2012
  • fair Artegenova 2012 - Under 5000 section, Genoa, 2012
  • collective Lagunarte, Studio Xante Battaglia Foundation, Venice, 2011-2012
  • triple personal MariaCarlaCarlaCarlaMaria, Galleria Margini & Segni, Bracciano (Rm), 2011
  • collective La Materia Ri-Nata, Sala Ruspoli, Cerveteri, 2011
  • collective The boys of the '10s, Chiostro degli Agostiniani, Bracciano (Rm), 2011; Galleria Saman, Rome, 2011
  • collective Invisibili, Artidec Gallery, Bracciano (Rm), 2011
  • personal Strade del sogno, Enoteca Vi (ci) no, Rome, 2011
  • collective Micro and MACRO, Metamorfosi Gallery, Reggio Emilia, 2011
  • personal A different heart, Opera Unica Gallery, Rome, 2010
  • micro and MACRO collective, Vista Gallery, Rome, 2010
  • prize Massenzio Arte 2010 finalists exhibition, ISA (High Fire Protection Institute), Rome, 2010
  • collective (Sc) ARTS on display, Church of S. Domenico – Urban Center, Ravenna, 2010
  • personal Percorsi invisibili, Case Grifoni, Cerveteri, 2010
  • collective ScARTI in mostra, Bourbon Prison of Avellino, 2010
  • collective… Magnani, Mangano, Morante… Portraits of women of the '900, Centro Studi Cappella Orsini, Rome, 2009–2010
  • collective Riciclo Arte Ricostruzione, GARD Gallery, Rome, 2009; Ponza Municipal Museum, 2009; Cocullo Municipal Museum, 2009-2010
  • collective La Materia Ri-Nata, Galleria GARD, Rome, 2009
Urgency of light polyptych; paper, fabric, bitumen, natural pigments, wax, paraffin wax on canvas board on board, cm 60x60, 2019
Urgency of light polyptych, part.
Urgency of light polyptych, part.
The urgency of light n.19; fabric, bitumen, natural pigments, paraffin wax on canvas, 60x60 cm, 2019