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Born in Rome in 1968, she graduated in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, participated in numerous exhibitions, residences for artists, sculpture symposium in Italy and abroad, winning several prizes and competitions for works of art in public spaces.
She realizing public artworks, as for the barracks of the Fire department barracks Montesacro est in Rome with the opera “Mani” in Roman travertine, or as the sculpture “Bolle d'aria” at the permanent collection of the Cantina Produttori Cormòns, of Gorizia, Italy
Her evocative language is rooted in the representations of emotional life, in the link between sculpture, architecture and the environment, in the exploration of the limits and possibilities of the various materials.
Ideas are only fully realized in an appropriate context.
"the work changes meaning in relation to place and space"
Art Director of the Artetica’s environemental art symposium “Quotidiana Bellezza”
Born in Rome 20 December 1968
Address: Via dei Ciceri, 73 – 00175 Roma
Telephone: ++39 06 24403910 Mobil: 0039 320 6075545
E-mail: manucamacci@hotmail.com
Web: http://www.emanuelacamacci.com
Diploma Academy of Fine Arts, Sculpture section, holded in Rome in 1990, valutation 110 and
Diploma of Artistic Liceum c/o IV Statal Artistic Liceum of Rome in 1986;
Xilography certificate, Engraving and Calcographic print c/o School of Ornamental Arts
S.Giacomo, Rome 1991;
Summer’s Academy of fine Arts, sculpture. Villany, Hungary
2019 SKULPTUR – LICHTUNG 7. International Kunstdunger e.v. Sculpture Symposium Valley.
2019 1st Symposium of environmental art in Sardinia “Quotidiana bellezza”. Art Director of
Artetica. Italy
2019 V. International Sculpture Symposium Litomerice. Town of Litomerice, Czech Republic
2018 YATOO International Artist in Residence Program 2018. South Korea
2018 Simposio Internazionale di Scultura a Orsomarso. Italy
2018 9.Internationaler Waldkunstpfad -»Kunst Ökologie« "Green Benches". Darmstadt, Germany
2018 2° Simposio internazionale per scultori del legno, Silandro (BZ)
2017 PORTIZMIR4 Contemporary Art Triennial. Global NomadicArt Project Izmir
2017 5° Sculpture wood symposium “Rintocchi nel legno”. Praso, Italy
2016 Sculpture for MAAM, Museo dell’altrove. Città Metropoliz. Curator G.De Finis. Rome, Italy
2016 3er Simposio Internacional de escultura Nuestros Parques. Santiago del Chile. Canaán,
2016 Muro d’artista e scultura work in progress. Sculpture for Cetraro harbour (CS). Italy
2016 Sculpture for the Tsooru public park. Art college of Tartu. Tsooru, Estonia
2016 Symposium de sculpture en Pierre giffre de Samoens. 7°ed. France
2017 5° Sculpture wood symposium “Rintocchi nel legno”. Praso, Italy
2016 Sculpture for MAAM, Museo dell’altrove. Città Metropoliz. Curator G.De Finis. Rome.
2016 3er Simposio Internacional de escultura Nuestros Parques. Santiago del Chile. Sculpture
collocated at the cementery of Canaán, Pudahuel. Chile
2015 Wood sculpture Symposium. Kemijarvi, Finland
2014 Landart al Furlo. Casa degli artisti, S.Anna del Furlo, Pesaro. Italy
2013 Winner of a sculpture competition for a sculpture to realize for a primary school in Rome.
2013 Simposio di scultura, Hofheim Am Taunus, Germany
2013 Symposium de la Pierre, Luneville. France
2013 Winner of an art competition 2% scheme, for a sculpture to realize for a school in Rome.
2012 Residence for artist Ifitry Essaouira, Marrueco
2011 Simposio Internazionale pietra trachite, Fordongianus, Italy
2011 5-th International Art Symposium ALANICA, North Ossetia, Russia
2011 1st Eco- healing and International Art Festival, Daejon, Korea
2010 13° simposio internazionale su pietre del Friuli V.G. (Udine) Italy
2010 IV Simposio di Scultura_LIVE 2010 (Pescopennataro, Isernia) Italy
2009 Sculpture Symposium “Sliabh Gearr”. Wexford Co. Ireland
2008 3° price for a public art commission. Municipality of Mori, (TN) Italy
2007 The Way of Marble – Dobrøichovice, Cezch Republic
2007 SkulpturenLandschaft Symposium, Hamburg, Germany
2007 Simposio di scultura, San Salvo city, Italy
2007 Cartasia. Open air installation exhibition, Metropolis, Fondazione Arkad. Lucca, Italy
2006 Int. sculpture symposium - Resim ve Açýk Hava Taþ Heykel Sempozyumlarý - ANKARA
2006 Int.sculpture symposium. Dokuma Modern Art Museum. Antalya.Turkey
2006 Simmpetra. International sculpture symposium, Museum of Modern Art, Caldhas de
Rhaina, Portugal
2006 Europäisches Kunstsymposim-Skulpturenpark Mutzschen. Germany
2006 Sculpture for Villa Meridiana. Santa Maria di Leuca (Lecce) Italy
2005 Int. Sculture Symposium, Municipality of Dettelbach, Germany
2004 Int.Sculpture symposium, Municipality of S.Maria di Leuca (Lecce) Italy
2004 Int. Symposium “sag und grab mal”. Gartow, Germany
2004 Hamminkelner Symposium, Krüger Park, Hamminkeln, Germany
2004 Int.Sculpture symposium, Municipality of Moritzburg, Dresden-Germany
2003 Sculpture residency in Kunststation Kleinsassen(Frankfurt), Germany
2003 Sculpture Symposium. Municipality of Lindern, Germany
2003 Sculpture symposium in stone. Municipality of Portimao, Portugal
2002 Sculpture for the Yüzüncü Yil University Fine Arts Faculty, Van, Turkey.
2002 LanaArt. Sculpture Meeting in Carinthia.. Austria
2002 Int.wood sculture symposium. HØjer, Denmark
2002 Skuplturenfeld Fuchsmoos. Piller im Pitztal, Austria
2001 1° price, competition ‘I Giovani Artisti per i Cimiteri di Roma’, for a sculpture to realize c/o
Cemetery ‘Flaminio’ in Rome. Italy
2001 Int. Marble meeting. C.E.M.A.F. Fines, Spain
2001 Int. Wood Sculpture Symposium. ‘Guest’house’ Municipality of Motzen, Germany
2001 Int. Wood Sculpture Symposium. Oddense-Hojer, Denmark
2001 ‘Artessier’. Pierre Tessier Sculpture Park. Drumondville, Quèbec
2000 1° Prize, International Stone Sculpture Symposium. Ma’alot Tarshiha, Israel
1999 Biennal of sculpture. Comblain-au-Pont, Belgium
1999 II° Biennal of sculpture. Sculpture garden of Aubazine Municipality, France.
1998 Winner of a sculpture competition for a sculpture realized c/o Barrack’s firemen, city of
Rome-Montesacro est 2% scheme. Italy
1998 International granit sculpture Symposium. Tjodaling, Larvik, Norway
1997 Int. Stone Sculture s Symposium. Quartu S.Elena, Cagliari. Italy
1994 International Stone Sculpture’s Symposium. Villany, Hungary
1994 “Sculpturing in the open-air with travertino” II edition. Rosmini Garden. Tivoli, Rome. Italy
1993 “Sculpturing in the open-air with travertino”, Municipality of Tivoli, Rome. Italy
2019 “QUOTIDIANA BELLEZZA arte, cultura, paesaggio”. Artetica. Italy
- Archaeological Museum of Villanovaforru (VS) Artetica
- Carnago, Chiesa di San Rocco. Varese. Abaco, Artetica
2018 CAVA. Fondazione Arkad, Seravezza. Italy
2018 Floracult. Casali del Pino, Fendi. Rome. Italy
2018 Palazzo Avolois, Vasto. New Years Brunch, Sculpture Network ‘18. Italy
2016 Polo Museale Lanciano. New Years Brunch, Sculpture Network ‘16. Italy
2015 VIII Biennale di Soncino, a Marco. Castello Sforzesco, Soncino. Italy
2014 Casalmaggiore contemporanea. Museo Diotti, Casalmaggiore CR. Italy
2014 Smallmonument. SkulpturenLandschaft , Caste-Museum (Hamburg-Bergedorf), at Gallery
Müller & Petzinna (Lübeck) and at Gallery Mucha (Schwarzenbek). Germany
2012 BIC - 1erè Biennal Internationale de Art contemporain Casablanca, Marrueco
2012 Segni, Rassegna d’arte contemporanea. InGenio Arte Contemporanea, Torino. Italy
2012 « European Sculpture – methods, materials and poetry » Edsvik Konsthall gallery,
Stockolm, Sweden
2010 Personale « tracce », Galleria Artetica. Italy
2009 Lanaspace. Lana (Bolzano) Italy
2009 Smallmonument 2. SkulpturenLandschaft , Hamburg, Germany
2009 "Die Andere Halfte", Galerie Freihausgasse, Villach
2009 Sliabh Gearr sculpture, Norman gallery, Irleland 2009
2008 Zooart. Exibition at the open air, garden Fresia, Cuneo, Italy
2008 Sculpture in Context. Dublin, Ireland
2008 Saturarte. Palazzo Stella, Genova, Italy
2007 Exhibition 5Sculptors, Monasterio premonstratense of Strahov, Prague, Czech Republic
2007 Ballhaus, Dusserdolf, Germany
2007 Incontrarti/Mulier. Premio Vasto of contemporary art. Vasto (CH) Italy
2007 Enolia. « Eros e cibo ». Fondazione Arkad, Seravezza (Lucca) Italy
2007 “Amparo”, Atelier La Lucciola, Palermo/ Artetica, Roma. Italy
2006 Budapest Art Expo Fresh 2006 - Hungary, Szentendre ArtMill
2005 “Enolia”. Istallation c/o Fondazione Arkad, Seravezza (Lucca) Ialy
2004 ‘Alta temperatura’. Città di Castellamonte (To). Italy. Curator Enzo Biffi Gentile
2004 Project M4. Installation in Schawbmünchen, Germany
2004 “Lo scarto come materia”. Istallation c/o Fondazione Arkad, Seravezza (Lucca) Italy
2004 NaturArte, Percorsi artistici nel territorio lodigiano. Arsenale di Bertonico, (Milano) Italy
2002 Sala Comunale. Municipality of San Benedetto del Tronto
2001 Personal Buttner&Partner gallery. Berlin, Germany
2001 ‘Terra Sostantivo Femminile’. Vietri sul Mare, Salerno. Curator Enzo Biffi Gentile
2001 LACUSTRE Installation – Intervention plastique au Lac de Montbel. Cat’Art /Centre d’Art
Contemporain, Sanct Colombe. France
2001 ‘Trilussa’. Politeama gallery. Rome, Italy
2000 “BIG” (Belgium, Italy, Germany). Atelier ‘La Girafe’. Berlin, Bruxelles
2000 “BIG”. Bruxelles, Belgium
2000 ‘La giovane scultura’. Open-air Museum, Sala degli Archi. Montefiore Conca. Italy
2000 ‘Un’opera per il terzo millennio’. Colleggio San Lorenzo. Montevarchi Arezzo Italy
2000 Panels of ‘Via Crucis’ for The San Carlo Borromeo Church of Tivoli. Italy
1999 ‘Tour St. Martin’, Municipality of Comblain-au-Pont, Belgio
1998 ‘Stelle di Natale’, Sport Building, city of Rome. Italy
1997 ‘Stelle filanti’, Sport Building, city of Rome. Italy
1996 “Estate Romana”, Vittorio Emanuele Square, Rome. Italy
1996 “Viaggio attraverso la ceramica”,Palazzo della Guardia,Vietri sul mare SA. Italy
1995 Gioia Lazzerini Fondation”, Saint’Agostino Church. Pietrasanta, Lucca. Italy
1995 “Adolfo Carmine Fondation”, Florence. Italy
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Coming out from
Suspension condition. Labirinto della Masone di Franco Maria Ricci
Linfa bianca. Roccia naturale, marmo bianco di Carrara
Linfa bianca.2 Roccia naturale, marmo bianco di Carrara
My little forest in a box. Bamboo, hazelnuts shells

Events at Rome Art Week

23 Oct-03 Nov 2023
152. Maestri d'Arte e dei Mestieri delle Scuole di Roma Capitale
Mostra storico-antologica per i 152 anni dalla fondazione delle scuole
Free admission
Vernissage Monday 23 Oct 2023 | 17:00-21:00
Roma Capitale - Scuole d'Arte e dei Mestieri
Via San Giacomo 11 - Roma
24-31 Oct 2021
Oúsía - Form, Sign, Character
Esperimento collettivo dedicato al concetto di Essenza
Free admission
Vernissage Sunday 24 Oct 2021 | 17:00-21:00
ArtSharing Roma
Via Giulio Tarra 64 - Roma
23-25 Oct 2019
Dangerous kindness
curated by Roberta Melasecca
Free admission
Vernissage Wednesday 23 Oct 2019 | 17:00
Complesso Monticello
Via Aurelia, 278 - Roma
24 Oct 2019 | 17:00
Dangerous kindness project
La gentilezza è pericolosa - Curated by Roberta Melasecca
Free admission
Officine Nove
Vicolo del Casale Galvani 9 - Roma
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