Alessandra Mercurio (Sasha)


Alessandra Mercurio, also known as "Sasha".

Born in Benevento in the ‘80 surrounded by artistic inputs, growing up, after several years in London, she arrives in the Eternal City where she decides to combine her two great passions: art and people.

Expert in Communication and Design with an international background and an experience developed in multinational companies, Interior and ExhibitionDesigner, ICF certified LifeCoach and Art-Therapist.

Her artistic soul is the result of her father’s love (whose painting beauty inspired her since she was young) and of her mother’s (who, with her creativity mixed with a practical sense, taught her the true meaning of problem solving).

She means art to help people expressing themselves and rediscover new dimensions, new resources to reach their own goals, whether personal, professional or relational.

A versatile artist dedicated to painting, digital&material art and photography; she took part in several exhibitions with the curator Ilaria Giacobbi at Bauhaus Home Gallery, including the quotation and certification of her artworks.

As Art Director and Interior&Exhibition Designer has been responsible for the design and setting up of exhibitions and events. In her training experience she collaborated with Art Forum Würth in Rome.



2020: Co.Vi.3D Gallery, curated by Creative Spaces. Virtual Gallery, Caltanissetta.

2020: Contemporary Love vol.IIcurated by Ilaria Giacobbi. Exhibition. At Bauhaus Home Gallery (credit MIBAC), Rome.

2019: The Room Exhibition - Xmas Edition, curated by Ilaria GiacobbiExhibition. At Bauhaus Home Gallery (credit MIBAC), Rome.

2019: Biennale MArteLive’19 - (oltre) Tempo&Spazio, curated by Ilaria Giacobbiin collaboration with Regione Lazio. Collettiva. At Bauhaus Home Gallery (credit MIBAC), Rome.

2019: II Edizione Premio Contemporary Rome Art – Mostra Internazionale Arte Contemporanea, curated by Ilaria GiacobbiExhibition. At Palazzo Velli Expo, Rome.

2019: Rome Art Week - The Contemporary Art Week of Rome, curated by Ilaria Giacobbi in collaboration with Regione Lazio, Comune di Roma, Assessorato alla crescita culturale, Unione Int. Istituti Arch. Storia e Storia dell’Arte in Rome. Exhibition. At Bauhaus Home Gallery (credit MIBAC), Rome.

2019: I Edition “Contemporary Rome Art” Prize – Contemporary Art International Exhibition, curated by Ilaria Giacobbi. Exhibition. Nomination by the artistic jury to compete for the prize “Figurative Abstraction”At Palazzo VelliExpo, Rome. Certification and quotation of artworks.

2019: Workers, curated by Camera79ArtGallery. Exhibition. Winner of the contest with a people-jury (after this contest, a solo-show has been planned from the gallery for the next spring, 2020). At Camera79ArtGallery in Trastevere, Rome.

2018: (S)confini, curated by Camera79ArtGallery. Exhibition. At Camera79ArtGallery in Trastevere, Rome.

2018: Attraverso l’immagine – V Mostra d’Arte per l’integrazione, curated by Art Forum Würth – Art Gallery in collaboration with Hairam Onlus. Inclusive exhibition. At Art Forum Würth, Roma.

2018: Inside is out / Outside in – II Edizione, curated by Proloco and Gruppo Teatrale of Buonalbergo. Exhibition. At Vecchio Frantonio Angelini, Benevento.

2013: Breaking Darkness – Vernissage, curated by Almost Blue. Solo-ShowAt Almost Blue, Benevento.

2013: Tramonti d’Arte – II Edizione, curated by Verehia a.p.s. Exhibition. At Almost Blue, Benevento.

2012: Viaggio in cerca dell'anima– Sguardi famelici di ricordi, curated by Cortile Industriale in collaboration with Assessorato all’Istruzione e alle politiche sociali, Comune Ruvo di Puglia and SMAV (Scuola Mediterranea Arti Visive). Exhibition. At Ex Convento dei Domenicani, Ruvo di Puglia (BA).



2019: ART FACES - Ritratti d'artista nella collezione Würth curated by Art Forum Würth – Art Gallery. Training and collaboration. Over 100 masterpieces including original works and photographic portraits of famous artists like Salvator Dalì, Enrico Baj, Keith Haring, Sandro Chia, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Max Bill, Sonia Delauney-Terk, Roy Lichtenstein, Picasso (…). At Art Forum Würth, Roma.

2018: Attraverso l’immagine – V Mostra d’Arte per l’integrazione, curated by Art Forum Würth – Art Gallery in collaboration with Hairam Onlus. Training and collaboration. Oltre 100 artworks. Exhibition, performance and art-therapy paths. At Art Forum Würth, Roma 

2013: Breaking Darkness – Vernissage, curated by Almost Blue. At Almost Blue, Benevento.

2011: Si accende il Design, curated by Artetèco. At Decori di Marmo S.r.l., Benevento.

2011: Festival del libro e dell’informazione locale – Il mio libro sull’unità d’Italia, curated by Artetéco in collaboration with Assessorato alla Cultura e al Turismo of Benevento. At Chiostro di San Francesco, Benevento.

2011: Riciclamente – Design III Edizione, curated by Artetèco in collaboration with Comune di Benevento, ASIA and Arcarte. Exhibition including 15 BioParner companies, specialized in design and creative recovery. At Palazzo Paolo V, Benevento.

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