Franco Ciuti

Franco Ciuti was born in Rome on 20 July 1938.

He attended the Institute of Art having for masters Tericle Fazzini and Leoncillo.

The influence of Leoncillo marked his first works on display at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome in 1961, at the third National Youth Art Exhibition. Following a series of group exhibitions in Tennoli and Avezzano, where he is in the company of artists such as Pascali and Kounellis. His first major solo exhibition at the Lo Scorpio Gallery in Rome dates back to 1964. There are years of intense work, in which the artist moved away from the influences of his first masters, in search of his personal poetics and not involved in conceptual currents of the moment. His interest is directed to the organic nature of the material, especially terracotta.

In 1975 he exhibited at the I Due Mondi Gallery large terracotta and bronzes, which are the result of his research of previous years. The exhibition was then transferred to the Galleria Ada Zunino in Milan and then to the Argentario Gallery in Trento and the Biennale di Campione d'Italia. The exhibitions of these years (1975 - 1977) were presented by critics: Cesare Vivaldi, Dario Micacchi, Vito Apuleo and others. The primary concept of his art, already specified in his works, since the '70s, now becomes a constant subject, with a constantly renewed invention. It is a comparison, or rather, the search for a comparison between organic form and essential geometry, including the square and the circle, going further, including the hard and the soft, the corner and the fold.

In November 1985 he exhibited at Palazzo Barberini in Rome and in 1986 he was invited to exhibit at the Cultural Institute of S. Francisco, Ca. under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He will remain in the United States with a series of exhibitions in private galleries and public museums. Among them we mention: Carnegie Art Museum in
Oxnard - Los Angeles (1988), Cornejo Valley Museurn in Thousand Oaks California (1989), Hackman Gallery in Palm Springs California (1991),

Lodi Art Gallery in Pasadena (1993).

Back in Italy he exhibited a solo exhibition at the Associazione Culturale Progetto in Roma (1995) presented by Arcangelo Izzo. In the same year
 he has a solo show at the Nader Gallery in Santo Domingo.

In 1996 he exhibited a series of large bronzes at the Galleria Framart Studio in Naples. In the same year, the Luckman Fine Art Gallery in
Los Angeles organized a large solo exhibition of his bronzes with conferences and seminars.

In 1999 he exhibited in the personal gallery Varart of Florence: Variances and Volutes in the circles of Discobolo, presented by Tommaso Trini. -

His last works of the 90s can be defined as "imponderable architectures" in which the material weight tends to the state of lightness or levitation.

“Arctotis” 2007  technique bronze –  methacrylate Cm 64x25x20
“ Piramide Interrotta” Technique Bronze 1992 Cm 250x50x27
“Rapporto  Materico” 2008 Technique bronze Cm 37,5x35x24

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